Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Playing Catchup, or so it feels like it...

So it feels like I have been playing catch up all week since I got back on Monday from the National Youth Gaterhing down in San Antonio, TX. Do not get me wrong, I do love to be busy, but not busy in the area of trying to catch up. I must say that is the only reason I hate vacations, is when I get back in the office I have to play catch up, and never get around to what I had planned on doing. O well, I guess that is life.

I am still trying to get cought up on my sleep. It kinda sucks that we were staying up until 1 or 2am, and as late as 3am in San Antonio, and then I had to come back and hit the ground running here. I am really thinking that tomarrow might be my day-o-sleep. Even if I am starting to hate sleeping in past 10am in the morning.

Tonight I am hoping to see Clerks II with my sister and a friend of her's that is coming in from out of town. I know some of you are going, "Clerks II" what in the hell is that? Well its the squeal to "Clerks" by Writer / Director Kevin Smith, the same guy who brought us Dogma, and Mallrats. For some of you non-cus lang movies, he also did Chasing Amy and Jersey Girl. From everything that I have heard, its a great movie and even if you have never seen the orgional "Clerks".

Well I think its time I got back to work...
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