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Round 2: Ready, Set, Fight! (Hard Drive Style That Is)

So, if there was ever a week from hell, this would be it. Around 2:30 am, Friday morning, the damn server droped the drive on Channel 1 again! The problem, at 2:30am, it never sent a message to my phone or to my e-mail, so I never knew it did it. So, when I came in at 7am for the company breakfast, I ate, then went upstairs to my office, to verify the backups before class, and see a message sitting on the SQL server, and I'm like "DAMN IT". So, I start running around like a bloody mad-man. I quickly check to see if anyone is in Great Plains / Dynamics. No one was. So, I told them all to not get in, as it droped the damn drive again. So, then I tried to re-add it to the RAID again, but no luck this time. Even with a reboot, the drive just did not want to add. So, I then pulled the Channel 1 drive cage out, and replaced it with the disk we got from PC Parts +. I get it installed in the change, shove it in the sysetm, and reboot. Go into the RAID BIOS setup, and try to add it to the RIAD config, but it's says it cant, and thats when I look, and the new drive is about 500 or so megs too small. (With RAID, when a disk goes bad, you have to replace it with one of equal or greater size), so I was screaming "FUCK". So, I riped back out of the disk cage, and at that time, I had to goto my first class which started at 9am.

My first class was Economics, which I had a super easy test in, and I was done with the test by like 9:10, so I called PC Parts +, to tell them they had given me the wrong drive, and when I told them what drive I needed, they were like, we would have to order that, and I was like, ok, how long would that take. There response, 1 to 2 WEEKS! Well, I dont have 1 to 2 weeks. I have like 1 to 2 hours. So, I run to CompUSA, and they have the basicly the same drive. So, I got it, put it on the company account, and headed back to the office. Got it in the cage, and rebooted the system, and lone behold, it worked. LOL. So, it started to rebuild, and I headed to my next 2 classes.

So, I get out of French, and head to my office. Grab the bad hard drive, and the worng hard drive & invoices, and head for PC Parts +. I get there, and tell them that the hard disk we bought from them was not the right one, and the other one was bad. They then said, well, we can order the right one for you. I was like, I'm sorry, I had to goto another vendor due to time issues. Then they were like, well, we can give you an instore credit. I'm sorry, but you gave us the wrong item, I dont want an instore credit, I want you to refund the money back to the company credit card we used. They said, well, we dont do that. I'm like, excuse me, you gave me the wrong item, its your fault refund the damn money. So, the flunky they had at the counter was like, one min, let me go get auth to do this. Some other guy comes up, and was like, I'm sorry, the owner is in Germeny, so we cant get Auth to do this. So, I'm getting very pissed off at this point. I was like, ok, when does the owner get back. They tell me Wednesday. So, I grab one of their cards, and whats the owners name. I then tell them, well heres whats going to happen, My companys accounting dept is going to put a stop payment on this item. That got their damn attention very quick! LOL. So, the "Manager" was like, hang on one sec, and runs into the back. He comes out and tells me, I sweet talked the CFO (Chief Financail Officer), into it, so we are going to refund the money back to the credit card. LOL. He then askes me, that since the other drive is bad, would I like it to have that replaced since the computer is still under warenty. I'm like sure!

So, now the computer is rebuilding. It's at about 40%, and I'm guessing it will be done around 11pm or midnight tonight. LOL. So, atleast this is going better then the last time! But we will have to see. It all could still goto hell really quick!
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