Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Day 1: Six Flags...

Today was day one of the gathering. We started the day by going to pick up Cross of Hope at the church they stayed at on the northwest side of town. After getting them and there stuff loaded onto the bus, we took off for Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

We arrived at about 9:30, or about 30 minutes before they opened the gates. I had fun at Six Flags but damn it was freaking hot out there. My feet also hurt really bad right now, as this has been the most walking and standing on my feet I have done since I hurt my self back in late feburary.

We left Six Flags around 6pm, and took off for downtown and the opening large-group of the gathering. The large group was good, but very freaking loud. Large group ended ontime at 9pm, and we then took off for our hotel which is about 10 miles from downtown, up by the airport.

It took us much longer then expected to get back to our hotel beacuse they were doing road work on the interstate that we were using, and had it down from 3 lanes to 1 lane. O joys.

So now its 20 mins past midnight, curfiew is at 1am (yes, 1am), so I am just killing time right now.

Well I got some other things to get done before we start doing our "bust the kids" act, so I will update more later.


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