Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

What If Microsoft Had Created The iPod?

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What if Microsoft had created the iPod?

Let's play the "what if" game and hand over the marketing of Apple's iPod to Microsoft.

But to really get the feel for what would happen, watch this video. The video is arguably brilliant, if slightly dated.

Round 1: "Make sure it's on brand." The iPod gets a nifty box with the Microsoft logo. It is then renamed I-pod Pro 2005 Human Ear Professional Edition with Subscription. Of course, Microsoft's marketing gurus "still need something expressively human." Enter a jumping guy on the package.

Round 2: "FOB stands for Full of Bullets." Microsoft adds a series of bullets listing features.

Round 3: "Stars and Snipes." The marketing wonks add an "upgrade" sticker to the box along with server pack pitches and the rebate. Of course, the box says, "This is an empty box."

Round 4: "Spines and Sys Reqs." Here our marketing heroes look at an iPod ad with a singer and ask, "Why isn't she using our product?" The solution: Make sure it says: "I-pod Pro 2005 Human Ear Professional Edition." Then add the Microsoft logo. Phew, can't believe they almost missed that one. But they aren't done yet. After all, these folks have to "communicate the richness of the product," so a simplistic yet effective ad gets muddled up again with logos and a 500-word (slight exaggeration) description of 5GB.

Round 5: "Back of Box." You guessed it. The back of the box just has to have a product chart, not to mention a few thousand words (another slight exaggeration) explaining the chart.

Round 6: "Final Review." You get a final product that looks almost as jumbled as a Vista beta

What would happen can be summed up in one word: disaster.

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