Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Diggin out after the flood...

So we have had two massive storms move thru the metro area with in the past two days. Both storms dropped a large amount of water, overwhelming the city’s storm water capacity, and thus causing local flooding. Also both storms dropped close to an inch of rain in less then an hour.

Anyway everything at the apartment was fine. The only thing I really have to worry about is the parking lot becoming the new swimming pool, but other then that, the water would have to be really high, as my apartment is another 3 to 4 feet above the parking lot level.

But I got to work this morning, and saw that we had our own little mud-slide in the parking lot. Ok, it’s not really a mud-slide, but might as well be. My office is located on a hill, well whom ever built out parking lot did it wrong, so all the water drains right in the middle of the parking lot, and not along the street like it should. Because of the slope of the hill, and a retaining wall between our parking lot, and our building, a lot of dirt builds up from what washes down the hill in a good rain. Well today was no different. So I went to get the shovel to start trying to make a dent in it, when a co-worker says, o just get the fork-lift and a good palate and tilt the fork forward and push the dirt.

I was like "Why the hell did you not tell me about this last year when we had the most rain this city had seen in a long freaking time?". So I hope on the fork-lift, and grab a good palate, and go out and try to move this stuff. Well I tore up the first palate really quick. So I returned to our gated area and saw this really great palate made of 2x4, and not the really crappy wood that most palates are made of. So I ask if that is going to be used for anything, and everyone says no, so I go for it. Boy did that work well. I think I did more damage to the parking lot then I did the palate. LOL

So anyway, I scraped the parking lot clean. I figure that I moved about 200 cubic feet of dirt. So I had it into a pile, and was trying to think of a way to get rid of it. My first thought was to just push it across the road (since we own the road and both sides of the road), but the freaking road was like a freeway today, so I 86'ed that idea really quick. Well about the only other way to get rid of the dirt is to just shit-can it (trash it).

I felt like driving up the road to the top of the hill, and telling the people that there landscaping is now ready for pick up at my office. LOL. What made it worse is that all this dirt (well really it was mud) was still very wet. So then to top it off, someone up the road let loose a crap load of water, only making things worse.

its only 200 cubic feet of dirt and rock and other fun crap.

I know it does not look like much, but half of it is already in the blue dumpster thing in the upper left corner of the picture

Also the storm took about half our landscaping, and I think last time I saw it; it was at the bottom of the road. LOL. It’s kinda like a landscape exchange program or something. lol. So now I need to figure out what to do to keep the water from flowing thru there, and then to get some more rock for our front area.

So then to top it off, I was trying to leave the office around 4:30 today cus I was dead ass tired from everything, and I walk out the front door, turn to make sure it locked (we have magnetic locks that lock each day at 4:30). So well I pull the door, and it opens right back up. So I look at my watch and its past 4:30, so I was like "shit". When it rains, or the wind blows good (both of which it did a lot of last night), we blow the controller card for that door. It’s a known problem that I thought I had fixed by sealing the container, but I guess not.

So being that we had a chance tonight for another storm like last nights, I just told everyone when they come in to use the west door, and that I would fix it tomorrow. Well that storm never did come, but I do not care, cus I was to exhausted to deal with it anyway. So now I have a lot of crap on my to-do list of things that need to be fixed around the building.

yea....LOL. Well its bedtime for me now.
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