Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Did Google hack a middle school?

I have many different sources that I use to check the tech and computer related news. One of my sources is a blog over on called "The Browser". The Browser is a blog of "Truth and rumors from the tech world". Never less, they have some good crap there.

Like today, I was looking at it, and one of the story’s from yesterday was Did Google hack a middle school?. I was like, "What the hell?" so I click the link.

Basically a student's parent had found the names and Social Security numbers of 619 middle-school students in a Google search. The school claimed that Google had broken through the password protection on the school's website to access the page; a Google spokesman said that was impossible.

Now first that is total crap. Unless they were being really dumb-dumbs and only using like JavaScript on a page as the password control, or something like that, it should have kept Google’s bot out of there. Also there are files you can setup called .htaccess to tell bots how to handle each page.

Second if they really had this crap sitting on a web server (which it should have never been in the first place), they should have been using SSL or something to encrypt all that information. Also who ever has the school district snowballed enough to believe that Google could hack a password should be given an award for best bullshit lie...LOL.
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