Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

So what, is Dell now monitoring my weather...

We just had the first major storm of the season pass through the Metro area tonight. It brought some much needed rain to the area and also a hella lot of lighting. I was up at my real state agent’s office when the storm started and boy was it intense.

And of course what happened? We lost power right in the middle of the fax mechanic sending my offer. Luckily it came back on with in a few minutest, but some places were not that lucky. Coming back for her office, there were 3 lights on Paseo Del Norte that did not have power. Also there was another light that had power, but was flashing red in all directions. FUN.

Anyway, so my computer was off during all of this. When I got home, most of the storm had passed over so I turned my computer on. Well as soon as it’s finished booting up, I see this message from Dell.

Dell Alert

So now I have a question, is Dell watching the weather in my area and telling me this due to the weather, or was this just great timing? LOL. The world may never know....

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