Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

So now we play the waiting game...again...

So ya I did not get the HUD house, but there was another house in the same area that I liked, so I put an offer on that house. This one is a 3 bed room, 2 bath, house with about 1250 sq ft. It’s in better shape then the HUD house (go figure), but I do not think it’s worth the 100,000 dollars they were asking.

So I am starting my offer at 80,000 dollars, with 20% down, which is around 16,000. Also I (with lots of help, thanks mom) wrote a letter to the current home owners telling them about me, and why I would love to call there house my home. So now we play the waiting game again.

They will get the offer sometime Tuesday, and they have until noon on Wednesday to tell me what they have decided. Its amazing how going through all the motions once makes me less nervous. So right now I am feeling good, and we shall see.

That is the news for now. Stay tuned to LiveJournal for all the latest news updates....LOL....
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