Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Now we play the waiting game...

So now we play the waiting game. Yep, the offer has been made. Let me tell you how much fun 2 hours worth of paperwork can be. Yea...LOL.

As far as I can tell, I should find out early this coming week, so I will probably be a nervous wreck for the next few days until I find out if I got it or not.

Then if I get it, I will be so freaking busy it’s not even going to be funny. Plus, add to all of this that I leave town in a little over 2 weeks for the National Gathering. So ya, I am trying to buy a freaking house right before I leave town.

I mean if I get it, there is so much to be done before I can even close on the house, let alone move in and other stuff. According to the HUD documents, if I get the house, I must close within 45 days of the signing of the contact. So as I figure it, if I get the place, the latest I could close / be in there would be August 7th, 2006.

Now granted to me that seems long time away, but really its going to be here so freaking quick, it’s not going to be funny. I mean my TODO list is going to grow by freaking leaps and bounds. So ya, still just freaking out a little bit, but ya.

So one last question, is it too late to get a beer?
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