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Monday, just another day in hell...

Well, It's monday. So does everyone know what that means?

It's going to suck, and suck it did. It was payday today, and when it's payday, it means that the boss is going to be in a piss-ass mood. Cross that with a monday, and it's bound to suck really bad. That it did. Boss breathing down my neak all day, everything that could go wrong did. The humity was high, so the coolers dont work that well. (For thoese of you east coast people, or if you live in a high humity area, in the southwest we use swamp coolers, and basicly all it is, is a big fan with pads that get water driped on them and then the air passes over the pads cooling the air. When the humity gets high, they dont work)

So ya, that was my day. But on the plus side, I leave saturday for Wichita to visit some family. That means no work for 10 days or so. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Well, I'm off to bed. Then off to do it all over again.

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