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The Saga Continues....

So, yes, the story lives on. The story of the damn server from hell. (ok, it's not from hell, but I think I'm going to have Pastor Erik come bless the damn thing soon.) So, the second rebuild is almost done, and has been running since 4am. so, we are now at 13.5 hours on the second rebuild, and the frist rebuild took 12.5 hours or somewhere in that range. So, now I have to hope that the drive on channel 1, is waiting to rebuild due to it being the mirror or a drive. So, lets hope thats all it is, cus that means I can get some sleep tonight, and dont have to baby the damn thing. But, if the drive on Channel 1 is not waiting to rebuild, and is just fucked up, then I have some work ahead of me.

Well, I also just got back from wal-mart, where I ran into my Grandma (Talk about small world), and got (3) 12-packs of Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Mt. Dew. So, I'm now ready with lots and lots of caffine. LOL, lets just all hope I dont need it.

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