Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Rain, can it be?

So we have gotten rain the last two days here in Albuquerque. Granted it’s not enough to even really measure, but hell, its still rain. Really all it has done is get the ground just a little wet, and then the wind comes up and we have flying mud. If you thought blowing dust was bad, try flying mud. LOL.

So now my car looks like I have been off roading or something, which is really funny, cus it’s a 1987 Volvo Wagon. LOL. Speaking of the car that will never die, I am 500 miles from hitting 340,000 miles. I swear I could push the dumb thing off a cliff, and it would still work. Well I really guess I should not bitch too much as it does run good, gets ok gas mileage, and its not a total piece of crap.

So I have been stinking busy, but it should get much better next week. Also I must say, never take your computer to data doctors. A good friend of mine took her home computer there (cus she said that she has abused me too much lately) and still have not gotten it back, and she took it in a week ago. It would have taken me a few hours at most to save her data, fix it, and get her back up and running. Again, see the customer service bitch again. They told her Monday, then that changed to Tuesday and then Today. I have no clue if she has gotten it back yet.

In one last bitch, I hate evening meetings that are cross town and start at 6pm. I mean most of us do not get off work until 5pm and rush hour around this place can last until 6:00 to 6:30, and as late as 7pm. So in an hour I have to leave work, get home, grab and/or fix dinner, and then still get cross town to my meeting FUN!

Anyway, I think its bed time for me soon. I can not wait for this weekend, as I will post more later.
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