Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

When do we start taking prisoners?

I also thought of using "Who do I have to shoot to get this to work right?", but that seemed too long for a subject. It’s been a long day, and as I said above "When do we start taking prisoners?"

I am tired of dealing with crap that will just not work. I mean I know it goes with the job, cus well, when you are a Systems Administrator, I fix things that do not work, but what I guess is pissing me off, is that when I have to rely on other people to get crap done, they just are not doing there part. We call these people "Vendors".

Do not get me wrong, I have some great vendors. I have one Computer and Computer Parts vendor that I can order crap up til 2am and get it that morning in my office. Other vendors like Dell offer great support when I have to call them for what ever. They offer quick and great service which is why I continue to go back to them when I need new computers. Last but not least, there is our ISP, Lobo Internet. They are why I love doing business with a local company. I know the owner (who is a great guy), they offer great products (which we use) and when I have a problem or an issue, I can pick up a phone and talk to a real person, who I know and they all know me. Also just so you know, I am not getting "kickbacks" or anything like that for talking up all the good vendors I have, but I really should....*puts on todo list*. LOL

Anyway then I have vendors that try and then some that really just do not give a crap. One of whom I bitch about in here a lot. I really do, I know that some of you are probably sick of hearing about them, but then again this is my blog. Then there are vendors like the one I *tried* to talk today and got blown off, which is not the way to get on my good side. I can not say much about who this vendor is, or who they are as its not my place. See, I guess I should explain a little.

A good friend of mine works for the Central New Mexico Affiliate of the Susan G Komen Brest Cancer Foundation. As I am sure you know or at least I hope you know, each Affiliate of the Komen Foundation puts on a local "Race for the Cure" to help fundraise for Breast Cancer awareness. Anyway she taps me to help with some computer things. So this coming Sunday is the race for our affiliate. Well as one might think, things are really busy and stressful. So this vendor which as there contribution to the race is providing us with a service. Well last year it went off with out a hitch as they were allowed to send us what we & I needed via e-mail. Well due to recent changes in law's they can’t send us the info via e-mail.

So now we have to use a website to log-in to. Which really its not as nice as just getting the e-mail, but you know, what’s a boy to do? Anyway it half way works, and when I mean halfway, thats an over statement. It gets about 4 lines from each file and nothing more. Even when I know that each file has like more then 200 lines. So on Friday I was told to contact the vendor so we could figure things out, which I did. The problem is that the person whom I talked to did not really have any power, and told me she would have to contact her "Help Desk". So I left my contact info with her so that she, and the "Help Desk" could get a hold of me.

Well later that night I got a call from the "Help Desk". They asked me a few things, and asked how late I would be at work. I told the guy that I would be around a computer all night, and to call me anytime. Really he could have woken me up at 2am, and I would have been fine with it. So I thought that we might get it fixed quickly, being that we need there crap by Thursday. So the weekend comes and goes, nothing. Monday comes and it’s now about 4pm, when I call my contact at the vendor back. Well all she did was give me the blow off, which pissed me off to no end.

So right after I got off the phone with her, I turned around and called my friend and said "When do we start taking prisoners?" To make a long story short, she is going to get me the data so I can work my magic. Really I am amazed some days that companys stay in business when they give crap service. And this is not the first problem we have had this year with this vendor.

Anyway, enough bitching for one night. I only hope the devils day (6/6/6 aka 06/06/06 aka June 6th 2006) will be better. Wait, what crack am I smoking? LOL I mean, it falls on a Tuesday which I guess is much better then it falling on a Monday also.

Anyway its now past midnight, I really should get some sleep....
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