Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Silly Things and My Afternoon...

So one of my co-workers took a drink from her cup today and then made this face like it was disgusting...

She said that she was drinking Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, to which I said "Something’s were never meant to be diet" to which she almost lost the next sip of the soda she was drinking...

So which I thought that would make a great tag line for the drink: "Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, because something’s were never meant to be diet..."

Anyway, I have spent the most of the afternoon on the phone trying to get something’s done. About a week and a half ago one of our Service Tech's was on vacation up in Las Vegas, NV and he lost his company cell phone. I was just happy that he called to tell that he lost it. Anyway, I reported it lost to Verizon wireless and had the server on that phone put on hold. But what I never had a chance to do before I went on vacation was report it to Asurion (Verizon’s Insurance Provider).

So today I called up Asurion to report it lost, file my claim, and pay the 50 dollar deductible so we could get a new phone. Well come to find out they want a police report # even if its only lost and not stolen. So that left me sitting there to try and figure out how in the hell I was going to file a police report for a phone that was lost in a city over 500 miles away. Part of me jokingly said "ROAD TRIP" LOL, but then I thought my boss would never go for that. LOL

So I called up METRO (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) and told the officer that answered the phone the situation. She was like, "No problem, let transfer you to one of our call takers". She then transferred me to another officer and she took all the information about the phone, where it was lost, and so on, and gave me a police report #. How sweet is that?

I then called Asurion back, complete the claim and paid the 50 dollars. So sometime Thursday that phone should show up on my door step. I must say that METRO made it so freaking easy to file the report and really just took what I thought was going to be a pain in the ass number of calls to one call.

So that has been my afternoon, so I shall take off in rush hour and with the rest of the lemmings head home...
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