Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Coming Soon: One large picture post...

So if I find the time tonight I am planning on doing one really really really large picture post of events and stuff from the last week. I will take pitty on all you people using dial-up and will use a LJ-Cut to put the pictures behind. I will leave one or two pictures out of the cut, but the rest will go in the cut. Right now I have no clue how many pictures and/or video's I will included in this thing, but just know that it will be long. I think I took over 300 pictures this past week.

Also I really really really do not want to be back at work today, but the work must get done. I always feel this way after vacation, and I think most people feel that way too. The thing I find amazing is that I got my butt up on time, got everything done, and got to the office right around 8am. I hope to continue this trend, so we shall see if this really lasts.

I also really want to take a long lunch, but I know that I should not. O well, only about 30min until lunch time...
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