Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Holy Belts Batman...

So if you remember back to my post from Monday, I bitched about paying 20 dollars per belt. Well so yesterday I had to go over to Smiths to buy some "Crack" (code word for a food that might as well be crack). So I walk in the door, and what do I see staring me in the face? A rack of belts for 4.99 a belt.

Now who would have thought of buying a belt(s) at a grocery store? So I went over to look at them, and they were very close to what I had gotten at Target for 19.99 a belt. So I found two that I liked (one in black, the other in tan) and then continued on with my shopping. Even with all the "Crack" I got and the 2 belts, I still only paid 20 dollars total. That is what I paid for one belt at Target.

So as soon as I got home and put the "Crack" in the frig, I grabbed the two belts I got at Target on Monday, and took them back for a 40 dollar refund. Total savings for me, 30 dollars. How sweet is that?

Also since I leave tomorrow for Wichita I will not be on the internet as much as normal, and also I probably will not be updating the journal as much until I get back in town on Tuesday. I will be checking e-mail and have my cell with me, so if you need me, use one of them methods to get ahold of me...
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