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Update to: "So, it's...."

So, it's now 5:20am, and I'm still hard at work. The server is on round 2 of the rebuild, and the last one took around 12 hours. The good thing is that all 4 drives are present, and in working condition, but I'm inclined to replace the one that droped out. I have gotten all of 2 hours of sleep, since I left at midnight or a little after, and was asleep by 12:45, and my alarm was set for 2:45am, cus I figured out that, at midnight, the rebuild still had 30% left, and it was running around 9% an hour, and boy was I dead on. I loged into the VPN from home, and checked the status, and is was around 96% at 3am. So, I got dressed, made some grub, and got my ass back down to the office. So, after restoring some Microsoft Windows Server 2003 dll files that got fucked up somehow, it's in the middle of the second rebuild, and at 5:25am, The drive on Channel 1* was at 2% and the drive on Channel 2, was at 6%. *(this is the drive that droped out, and did not rebuild as part of the last rebuild, so I expect it to take longer then the other drive).

Well, you all are free to call me. If you know my cell, go for it, or call my office number (505) 343-6100, and I'm ext 309. I will post more when I know more. Well, I'm off to see why the SQL is not connection to other computers.

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