Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Picture & Video Post: Damn I did not know it was hurricane season in New Mexico already...

So today was a totally screwed up weather day. It was very nasty and the wind, o my, the wind. We had peek wind gusts here in the metro area of 67 mph. Below are two pictures I took from my cam on my phone at different parts of the day. The picture on the right I took on my way to dinner, and the picture on the left I took just after I left the office.


Now do not be fooled, the pictures are not washed out or anything. The sky should have been a dark blue if we could have seen the sky. There was so much dust in the sky from the wind that you could not see more then 1 mile in front of you during parts of the day. It was bad.

Now I can not due it justice, so I will let the news do that for me. They have much better coverage then I could ever give you all, so I have taken the clips off my DVR and broke them into clips. There is one clip for each different story they did, 4 in total. They average in length from about 1 min to about 2 min. Also a little word to the wise, if you do not have a high speed internet connection, then these might take a bit. They are each about 1 mb to about 1.5 mb in size. They also go in order of how the news had them. All of these came from KOB-TV's news at 10pm from 05.09.2006.

News Wind Video 1:
News Wind Video 2:
News Wind Video 3:
News Wind Video 4:
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