Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Can it be a real update?

Now that school is over, I figure its time for a real update, and not just some video I pulled off the TV, or a picture post from my phone, or bitching about some random thing, cus that is about all I have been really doing for this past semester. LOL.

So since about January I have been running around like a mad man, but really what else is new? So this semester was ok, but very demanding. I am really just glad that its over now, and I will have a chance to rest (ya right). But also its nice to not have to worry about homework. So now its summer for me and that means I am back working full time for CAC. This means that I will now have some time to work on some projects that have been on the back bunner for a while due to timming and other crap.

So I will be doing some traviling this summer. Some of its for fun, some for other stuff. Well really, I guess I should say all of it's for fun. In about a week, I am flying upto Wichita, KS to see my cousin graduate from High School. Then in the middle of July I am an adult sponser for my church for the ELCA youth gathering in San Antonio, Texas. I went as a youth 6 years ago to the gathering in St. Louis. Wow, damn that was 6 years ago. Also I have gotten to see how much planning goes into one of these things, and I must say damn. Also its differnt to watch all the churches try and get along and figure crap out. This has been a hard part as some churches did not wait to register with the group, and as such, we now have some groups downtown, and the rest of us out by the airport. In some respects this is like the 2000 gathering we were had the same problem. Also there are some other isseus that need to be worked out, and some people (by people I mean adults) are being bitchy, and really it weird to watch how such a small number can affect such a large group.

Also I have been watching the price of gas, and have been trying to not wet my self everytime I go gas up. It the price continues to go up, its going to be cheaper to buy a new car that gets 40 MPG, then to drive my volvo. Speaking of the Volvo, its still holding in there, even with over 338,000 miles on it. No matter what I try it still keeps going. LOL. But really I should not bitch too much about the Volvo as its getting some of the best gas millage that I have seen out of that sucker. I have been aveageing over 20 MPG in town, so thats nice. I remember about 3 or 4 years back when I could not get any better then 14 MPG out on the highway, and I must say that sucked.

Now this week I have been taking care of crap that I have not had time to do, or just put off during school. So that means laundry, going down to my old office to fix some crap, cleaning the apartment, oil change for the car and so on. Also yesterday I got my hair cut, and boy is it nice. I think the last time I got my hair cut was right before Christmas, so ya, about 5 months. I was starting to look like a shaggy dog. Really I do not mind my hair when it gets long, but when it starts flying in my eyes when I have the windows down in my car is when I hate it. Also I kinda like to let it grow out a little for winter, but for summer due to the heat its also nice to have short hair. When I find some time (ya right), I will try to take some pictures and post them of my new hair cut.

So that is what is new with me right now. But before I go, one last thing. I wonder about google sometimes. Look at this image and tell me whats is wrong with it.

The first person who can tell what is wrong with it, get two points.
(Points have no value, and I can give or take points as I see fit).
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