Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Update to the Verizon issue...

So I sent my "hard ball" e-mail to my Verizon rep yesterday around 5:30pm, not expecting to get something back from him until sometime today. Well its funny how fast he responded from my half-theating e-mail to him, with his boss and my boss on the CC list. I checked my work e-mail last night, and noticed that I had already gotten a reply back at 8:30pm.

He claims that he did order the 5 phones and since he had not heard from me, he thought I had gotten them. Well even if I have not had a chance to check in with him cus I have been uber busy, I still think he should have sent me an e-mail a week or two after he ordered them, to see if I got them.

So I spoke with my boss today, and basicly we are going to see how fast he gets us the phone (if he gets us the phones), and then go from there. So fun fun fun.
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