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Been fronting some money to my parents....

So I have been fronting money to my parents with out even knowing it. My father who is an also on my account (has been since I was a little kid) also has a check card on my account. So a few days ago, I logged into CU@Home (Our online banking software) and to look at my credit card balance and glanced at the money in my checking account, and thought it looked lower then it should be.

So this afternoon here at work I for some reason thought about that again, and decided to login and check my balance in my checking account. So that is when I noticed that my checking account only had about 30 dollars more then the direct deposit of my payroll from last night. So then I start to look at the transaction in my account, and really quickly I figure out that it has to be my father, or someone stole the card and has been to all the same places as we have. LOL

So I call my mother up and we start going over some things, and seeing what has cleared from each of our accounts and what not. The best part is that I do not keep much money in my checking account cus everything goes on my credit card, and then I pay it off when it’s due. Also due to the fact that I do not keep much in Checking, I have had 3 overdraft protection transfers so far in one week. So far, and this is only stuff that we know has cleared in my account; my parents owe me 322 dollars. Also like I said, that is just what has cleared and does not include what still has to clear.

So fun fun. I am just glad this is my parents and not someone else using my card or something. Cus that would be a lot more work then just doing the math, and having my parents transfer what they spent back into my account.

Well, its 5:20, and I should leave work now. Also I think my icon is fitting too.

More later...
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