Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

It's called beat the light, or is it that the light beats you?

Over the last year or two The City of Albuquerque has been all hot on the Red-light Camera's. So tonight I was sitting in the turn bay at Paseo Del Norte & Coors waiting for a green, when all of a sudden I saw these 3 big flashes of light. When I looked over at the lanes going straight I saw a truck running the red-light. I laughed hard, knowing that who ever is driving that is getting a 100 dollar ticket (or much worse if this is there second time)

I have always wanted to see what the red-light cameras look like when they go off in the dark, and now I know. The only thing is I would have hated to have been going the other direction, cus damn that was one really freaking bright flash. I also wonder if two people going the opposite direction's run the red-light, would the flash's from each side cancel each other out?

Well, thats it for now.
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