Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Paralyzed child forgives gunman...

So there has been a story on CNN for a few days that each time keeps catching my attention. The headline was Paralyzed child forgives gunman.

So it got me to thinking that if something like happened to me, would I be able to forgive the person that did it to me?

Really, I can not even answer that question. I mean I know that I should be able to forgive that person, but you know talk is cheap. It really makes me wonder what I would do if, (and I hope I never am) in that situation. Would I let my anger get the best of me, or would I do what God would want me to do as a child of Christ, and forgive the person?

All I do know for sure is that Kai Leigh Harriott is one brave 5 year old girl. It took a lot of guts to do what she did, and what she did is more then some adults could do give that situation. Its story's like hers that gives me hope for the human race even with all that we face.
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