Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

This aint corporate america here....

So Charlie Flood (AKA Flash Flood, LOL) is our new sales / service manager at work. Our new goal in life right now is to break him of this corporate america bullshit that has been brain-washed into his head. The only way the company I work for could be corporate america is if corporate america was made up of a bunch of red-necks, or if corporate america was made up of Nascar. LOL.

Anyway a bunch of us were in our Dispatchers (Terri's) office including Charlie, and we were all talking about something. Some how Carl got to winning about something so Charlie was like, "Hey Carl, you know what this is?" and he was rubbing his thumb and pointer fingers together. We all knew what Charlie was doing, he was playing the world smallest violin, but with out skipping a beat, Carl says, "Ya, you jerking off".

Now the whole room just started laughing there heads off. I could not believe that Carl said that to Charlie. No, wait, I can. LOL. Terri (our Dispatcher) was turning so red cus she could not believe Carl A) said that out loud, and B) did it with a straight face. Me, I was turning red too, but cus I could no breath due to me laughing to hard. So Charlie said something about corporate america and HR departments, to which we all replied, "This aint corporate america here".

So yep people, these are the fokes I work with, and I love them dearly.
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