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I love this guy....

I have been house sitting again. So this morning the damn dogs got me up about an hour or so before my alarm was to start going off. So I got up, took care of everything I needed to, and headed back to my place. I did something things here, and then turned on the computer since I was bored.

So I have been just looking around the internet with nothing in mind really, when I came across a quote that kills me (in a good way). The quote was made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, whom I know I have done a LiveJournal post on before.

"I'm going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to fucking kill Google."

-- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

I have seen this quote before, I think in a book about Ballmer, but for some reason I just find it really funny this morning. I am not sure if its the lack of sleep or what, but damn its funny. If my chair did not have arms I would have fallen out due to the laughing. LOL. Ok that in its own right is funny.

So I guess since I am posting to LiveJournal I should just save time and do an update as well. LOL.

I have been really busy of the last week or so (I know I say that everytime), but this time I feel like its even more true. LOL. So since I all really have posted this week is just pure crap, let me start at last weekend and then work my way to current.

So last Friday started with me doing some painting around the office (yep, the life and times of an IT worker, LOL) which I must say is a really fun way to just screw a day. I really do not mind painting as it offers me a change in pace that is nice to get sometimes. So anyway I left the office around 4:30 and shot up to my place, where I took a shower and got all cleaned up. Then around 5:30 I picked my grandma up and we went out to dinner over at Applebees. After dinner we fought the tail-end of rush hour and drove down to the KiMo Theatre to see a production of "The Merry Widow" that was being put on by Opera Southwest that my parents were in. Yes my parents were in a opera and they were great.

Now I must say that ever opera should be like "The Merry Widow" as I was busting out laughing through 99% of the damn thing. Now granted with 2 intermissions it was like 3 hours long, but it really did not seem like it was that long. Also it was great to see it a place like the KiMo Theatre. So after the opera my grandma and I braved downtown Albuquerque at 11pm and got back to her car. Then I drove her home where I picked up my car and drove the short distance back to my place, getting home around midnight.

Then the nextday (Saturday), I got up around 10 or so and drove over to Sams Club where I gave my arm and leg for gas for the car. Then I drove upto Erik and Kelly's place to watch the girls since they were going to Santa Fe for the day. We did end up going to the Zoo and spending like the whole day there which I must say was very fun. Maggie was getting a little restless by the end, but I dont blame here. To walk the whole zoo is like 2.5 miles or something really long like that. It was also the first time since I did my ankle in that I had walked that long of a distance. I can say that it was not that bad, and my ankle was only bothing me a little bit by the end.

So after we got done at the Zoo, we drove back up to Kelly and Eriks house to wait for a call from one of Maggie's friends whom she was to spend the night with. So in the meantime I ordered pizza and had it delivered to the house. So about 6:15 or so her friend call, so we all load up in the car and drive over and drop her off. From there, I pick up one of the youth from my church and shoot over to All Saints for the 5th Starwars movie with Hanna in tow. So we watch the movie and then bust back across town to Eriks house again. I think I put about 75 miles on my car that day.

Sunday after church Erik and I went out to lunch with a friend and then after that we took off for an LC/NA meeting we had up in Santa Fe. The meeting was great and we got a lot of work done. So after getting back into town I dicked around and just rested and got ready for the week ahead.

I dont really remember much of Monday (is that sad?). Tuesday was spent in classes, as I am sure Monday was too. Tuesday night found me back at Erik and Kelly's place watching the girls again. Erik was driving back from Denver and Kelly had to leave that day AZ for a Dr.'s appt. So we went out to dinner and then got some ice cream (I know, I spoil them) before comming back to there house.

The rest of the week went by in a blur. I am amazed some weeks how much Monday and Tuesday I want it to be Friday and then all of a sudden it is Friday. This week was one of them. With the uber busy weekend I had last week, I found my self very tired at the start of the week. Well let me tell you that is not a good way to start the week. Anyway moving on....

Friday I kicked everone out of the computer system sometime around 2pm, and started to close out the GL (General Ledger). Now I know that each year it gets faster and faster, but once I got done with all the backups and such that has to be done before, once I pulled the trigger, it only took 50 seconds to close, so that was nice. Last year it took 4 min, and the year before that 40 min.

Anyway Friday night my parents invited me to go with them to the cast party for The Merry Widow prodcution that they had been in the weekend before. So after making sure my schedule was clear I said ok. I had a great time too. It was fun to hang out with these people and see them in what I will call normal clothing. LOL. I had to kick out a little early from the party since I was house sitting this weekend, and the cat needed to be fed.

So then Saturday I woke up a little before noon. Not long after my parents called me to tell me I left my PDA at there place. So it was off to brunch/lunch with them over at La Peep. Then after that my dad and I went over to the mall and looked at some stuff before I took off to get some stuff done. Then it was off to the last Starwars movie (yes I have now seen all 6, starting at 1 and going to 6, in 6 weeks no less). This also meens that lent is comming to a close.

So then after the movie it was back to the place I am house sitting to feed the cat and goto bed. Now here bloging and getting ready to jump in the shower, cus I need to get cleaned up for Church. I must say I am busy as is, but trying to have a social life makes me even more busy and tired. Damn. LOL. Now I know why I am a major homebody and like to just stay home and watch movies.

Anyway, time to get my butt in the shower so I can get to church....

Peace out.
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