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No Sleep.

So, my week has been crazy, but has had its good and bad points.

First off, my sleep patterns have been so screw up, that I sleep 13 hours one day, and 3 to 4 hours the next. So, I have days where I fight exhaustion and then other days where I'm very well rested.

Saturday, I went to the office, did the weekend backups, and then headed off to Barbara Wheelers Funeral. It was a really nice service, with some great stories told about Barbara, including her grabbing at a very good looking male doctor, and when I say grab, I mean on the ass. LOL (That was Barb for you). So, after her service, and per her wishes, we had an ice cream social, and I think eat every fatting food we could get our hands on. LOL. So, after all the funeral stuff was over, Kathy Rochau invited me to go with Her, Gary (her husband), and Karen to go see a musical that one of our High School students was teching. So, we saw "Anne Get your Gun", and it was great. I think it was a great way to end that day.

So, Sunday, I set my alarms for 10:45 some how thinking it would wake me up at 9:45, well ya, that did not work. LOL. So, my mom calls me at 10:46 or so, and I answer my phone, in this very sleep voice "hello?". My mom was like "Kevin? Did you just wake up? Arnt you going to church?" and I was like, "I have a little over an hour, my alarms just went off", and my mom was like "No hun, service starts in 15min", to which I say "SHIT". LOL. So, after waking up, taking shower, and getting clothes on, I get to church just in time for communion. So, I then head back home after church, only to have to return to the church around 2:45, cus the mid-high youth group was going bowling on base. We had also asked my dad to help drive if we need him, so he was there, and that was when we realized that my base sticker was expired, and that my base pass expired in 2 days. So, since my dad was not needed since we did not have that many kids go, my dad switched cars with me, so I took his, and he took mine. So, we went bowling, had a great time. I ate lots of food from the snack bar, prob more then I should have. I also saw Michael Williams there, so I said hi, and we talked for a bit. So, then after dropping the kids I had in my car off back at church, I headed to my parents house for dinner. Ate dinner with them, watch some TV, and headed home. I must say, that I think I gained a good 10 pounds this weekend, with all my running around, eating fast food, then the ice cream social after Barbs funeral, and then eating all the junk food at the bowling alley, and then eating burgers with my parents.

So, Tuesday, I worked way late. I normally leave my office sometime around 5pm, but no, I left at 7pm. Well, to give my self some credit, I tried to leave at 6:30pm, but the damn (non functional) panic bar on the front door was messed up again (reminds self to talk to Dennis to get that fixed), and would not open after I set the alarm, so here I am freaking out that I'm going to set off the alarm, cus we have a motion dectors in the office area, so bear in mind that I have 30 seconds before the alarm is armed and ready to go after setting it. So, I quickly decided to run to the warehouse, and use the second keypad to disarm the alarm after it arms it self. So, now that I have deactivated the alarm, I go back and try the panic bar on the front door, and again no dice. So, now I'm pissed, cus it means that I have to grab the opener for the yard gate, make sure I have my access card, and go out the back door, walk around the building, open the gate, and use my access card to open the front door. So, I do that which normally fixes the damn front door problem, but this time it did not. SO CRAP. So now I again have to walk to the back door, around the building, thru the gate, but this time, I hoped in my car, and opened the gate with my access card, and drove in to the yard where the back door is. Got out of my car, used my access card to get in back door, and then made sure the front door was shut, and that the magnetic lock was holding (well, no problem there cus that was what stopped me from getting out in the first place). So, I then turned off all the lights I turned on in the process, and walked to the back door, set the alarm, and walked out. Got in my car, and headed home. By that time, it was a little past 7pm.

Now on to Wednesday. This was the day that we were to head up to Santa Fe to bury Barbara Wheeler. I sent all my profs an e-mail the past weekend, tell them what I was doing on Wednesday, and I must say that every one of my profs have been the best this semester. They have all been so understanding, and have all been very willing to work with me, to make sure that I don’t get behind in my classes. So, I heading down to my office at 8am, to knock out the backup stuff that I have to do everyday. So, I got that done, changed some system settings to try and get the VPN to work, and dropped back by my place to test it, and nope it did not work, so I then headed up to church where I was to meet Erik & Kelly. I had planned on ridding with them, but since I had my dad’s car (whole other story, BTW: Thanks dad for letting me use your car), anyway, so we leave, and I drive up with no problems, and get there right around the same time that Dave and Ruth Ericson get there. So we stand around and "chew the fat" waiting for Erik and Kelly to get there. So, Erik and Kelly get there, Erik checks us in, and we finally head to her burial site. Well, the last time I had to do this at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe, was 2002, and we did all the stuff at the little shelter thing they had. Well, this time, we were not using the little shelter, but doing it Grave Side, which was new for me. So, we did the small service that Erik had prepared, and then the interment team came, and finished digging out the hole, Erik put her remains in the hole, and then we each tossed some of the dirt on top of the box. Then they recovered the hole, and cleaned up the area, and we were done.

So, I rode up the burial site from the main office thing in Erik and Kelly’s car, cus it did not make since to have 3 cars up at the grave. So, I then asked Erik and Kelly a favor, if we could drive over to the other side of the cemetery and visit my grandpa's grave. They said it was not problem. Erik asked where it was, I said "about as far north in cemetery as your can go.", and after the drive over, Erik was like "Ya, I think if we went any further north, we would be on the highway" (which is sooo true). So, I got to visit my grandpa's grave, and then we all walked around looking at some of the different head stones. So, after we were done looking around, we decided that food might be a good thing. So, we decied to go to "Blue Corn Brewery". So, we went there, had a really good lunch with Erik, Kelly, Jennie (one of Barbs close friends). It was really nice. I have not had time to just sit around with good friends, and eat food, and joke, so that was something really nice. So, then it was time to make the 45 min drive back to Albuquerque. I got to the office about 2:30, or about 30min after I thought I would be back.

So, then I did work stuff till around 4:30 when I left, to head to church to help out at Logos (mid-week youth program thing). Did that till about 7pm, and then I had to hit wal-mart to get some things I have been needing for ages. I finally got home a little after 8pm. Talked to some friends online, took a shower, and now here I am writing this very long post.
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