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The week of the meetings....

This has been my week of meetings and such, and I am really glad that it is Friday (at least I think it is Friday). Also on top of everything else that I have to do, I got a head cold now, and I really just want to bore a hole in my head to get rid of the stupid pressure crap. But I must say that day/nightquil is my friend.

So back to the meeting crap. Monday I had a lunch meeting with Dennis (my boss), JP, and 2 people from Techvisions. Techvisions is who we buy our Microsoft Dynamics / Great Plains software junk through. So they like to take us out to lunch 2 times a year or so. Now since I am one for making a good frist impression, I like to dress up (way up) on days that I have meetings. Also, when I say dress up, I mean I get dressed up. Slacks, Dress Shirt, Suite Jacket and so on. The people at Techvisions thought I was the Comptroller (An officer who audits accounts and supervises the financial affairs of a corporation or of a governmental body.) so I had a good laugh about that.

Anyway they took us to Texas Land and Cattle and man-o-man do I love that place. I had there famous smoked stake which was great as normal. It was a good lunch and we were able to discuss some things with them that we need to talk about. I had to jet a few min's early from the lunch due to a Dr's appt about my ankle. Anyway, that lunch meeting created a conferance call that we had on Wednesday to fallow up on somethings, and talk to another company (Wennsoft) about others.

Now I have been on one other conference call before, but I forgot how much I love them. It's just like sitting around a table with everyone, but I dont have to dress up and I can get up and walk around when I need / want to. So this conference call lasted for about an hours and we got everything done that we set out to do. It was nice, cus we got direct answers to the questions that we had, and did not have to wait for someone to get back to us and stuff like that.

Then today I had a meeting with our Verizon Wireless rep and his boss to find a solution to our problem that we have been having with crappy phones. That was a really fun fun fun meeting (NOT!). But I think we finaly might have a solution that can at least buy us some time and/or fix our issues. Also they said that if this does not solve the problem, we will get new phones (Sweet!). Anyway, I must say I have been very put off by the level of service that we have gotten with Verizon.

When we talked to Nextel last year, they were not only very keen to get our businsess, but from everyone else I talked to, they were good when a problem came up, and not only fixed the problem but also went above and beyond what they had to. So I dont know if its just that Verizon is so big that they do not care anymore, or if the people who should have the power to make these decisions dont or what, but they need to work major in that area.

So that is all about my meetings. In other news I saw my Doc on Monday and she say my ankle is healing up good. She did say again that it will take the full 6 to 8 weeks to heal which I knew but still sucks too. O well, what can I do right? Also I am able to walk with out my aircast, but still use the aircast a lot and right now walk around my apartment with it off. I mean with as much as I roll my ankle day to day, I really do not want to screwe my self. Also this week I am back to wareing both shoes (I was wearing a sandle on my bad foot due to the swelling) and not trying to make my own fashion statment by waring two differnt types of shoes. LOL. So that is all moving along nicly. So only another 2 or 4 weeks of this crap and I will be to 100%. I am going to start wearing the aircast less and less, but at the same time I am a little scared cus I do not want to re-hurt my self again. So baby steps I know.

Also last night was the Oak Grove Lutheran School Concert Choir and that was totaly great. I mean those kids can sing very well. DAMN. They were much better then some pro choirs that I have heard before and they were also totaly fun to be around too. Also I housed two of them, and they were just some of the best kids around. So part of housing them was getting them back to All Saints this morning, and let me tell you that damn waking up at 5:30 in the morning is early. I got up before them, took my shower and then got dressed. They woke up around 6am, got ready to go, and we hit the road around 6:45am. We stoped at McD to pick up breakfast (whats that?) and then start in on the early part of rush hour. Fun that was....LOL. I am glad we were going the other direction of 90% of the traffic.

So we were the first ones there, and got there about 10min ahead of schedule (go me). Anyway, so we sat in the car for a few seconds until other started to show up and then opended the bus. So also every morning they finish up in the church doing cleaning and other stuff like that. Also they do other fun things and it was really just a great way to start the day even if I was sick. I must say I was sad to see them leave, but I know they have to be in Tucson night. I must say they all love Albuqueruqe and being that they were from Fargo, ND they just ate up the state. LOL. A good group of kids they are.

So that brings me to my last thing, I am sick again. I mean I know its going around and stuff. It started Tuesday / Wednesday and I thought it was just from cleaning my apartment (you know all the dust and shit), but today it has just blummed into a full blown head cold. So I plan on sleeping in on Saturday as I really have nothing better to do. I hope with nightquil I can beat this crap and be better in many ways. LOL.

So that is an update on the whole week I think. I dont think I forgot anything in there, and now you all are up todate with me.
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