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South Park & Hacking....

So I cought the end of South Park tonight, and the kids (Kyle, Stan, and Cartman) asked this guy if he was able to get to his job interview. To which the guy said "Yep, you are looking at the new manager for the Denny's in Breckenridge".

Now normaly that would not be funny. But I was cracking up at it, beacuse I know for a fact that there is no Denny's in Breckenridge. Heck after googling it, the closest Denny's to Breckenridge is about 15 miles north in a town off I-70 called Silverthorne, CO.

So I really doubt that South Park has fact checkers, but its really kinda funny. I do not know if they were just going for any city, or city people would know, or what, but I really think they should check there crap. LOL.

So that was my amusing for the night.

In other news that no one cares about (LOL), I got some seriours hacking done for work. I needed to reinstall a software package that I am getting ready to use to move our whole company website to. Its a Content Mangment System (CMS) called CMSMadeSimple, and I must say it is really freaking easy to use (once you get it installed).

This all came about due to my damn hard disk failure I had 3 or so weeks ago. Anyway I got reminded of it when our new Service / Sales Manager came to me, and asked if I could update the website to reflect his status with our company. I said sure, and figured if I was going to go to all the work of updating our webpage, I would just finaly get around to switching us over to the CMS.

So I went and first I tried to type "localhost" into IE, and got nothing. So after a few seconds of going, now what the crap is going on, I remembred that I had never reinstalled that crap. Then I had the thought, o crap, I bet I do not even have a current backup of that is it was only in development, and really was only something I was playing around with.

So sure as crap no recent backup, but then I had a thought of what it would take to recover and restore the current database that was on my old harddisk. So I plugged that thing back into the server and started the process of findding and pulling the data off that I wanted and needed. That was fun in its own right as only parts of the disk are screwed. So I was praying that I would be able to get all the data that I wanted / needed with out getting a file error.

So I only lost one file, a graphic that I never use, and hell, have in a differnt spot anyway, so that was no problem. Next I had to figure out what freaking version of everything we were on. I knew I was using Apache Webserver 2.0, so that was not a problem. But I had no clue which verison of MySQL or PHP I was using at the time, nor which verison of the CMS I had been using.

I was really not too worried about MySQL or PHP, as I knew they could not / did not release that many new verisons, and it would only be trial and error before I found the version of each that I needed. What I was craping my pants over was the verison of the CMS. The CMS that I am using is half way new, not even to a full version 1.0 yet. So I know that it is changing very rapidley. So I hoped over to there website thinking I was on 0.09 or some verison like that. Well, I see nothing close to that. I only see verison 0.12 or something higher like that. Even where all the previous versions were suppost to be, I saw nothing.

So I was like crap. So then I had what was one of my better ideas of the day. I thought of looking at some of the files in the install directory and see if I could figure out what verison everything was running on. So I soon found that my CMS was running version 0.10. MySQL was running 4.1.2 and PHP was running 4.0. So now knowing my MySQL & PHP verisons, I set off getting the webserver all up and running.

So also I started to google some stuff and found an older page at the CMS's website that had all the old downloads that I needed. So everything in the puzzle was starting to come together which was a very nice thing. So anyway, I finaly got the whole webserver back up and running. Got all the other software I needed, like MyPHPAdmin and the MySQL Admin Console installed back on the computer. I was now ready to go.....

So I copied the CMS to the webserver and started the install procudure. Well, I forgot that there was a ton of shit to setup before I could even do the install. So finaly after getting the right mix of things, and saving and using some old files from my old HD to save time in the config of things, I was able to start the install.

The problem, was I could just not get it to install right. No matter what I did, it just would not install right. I was getting very frusrtaed at it really quickly. So finaly after dicking around with it, and chaning a bunch of shit (which I remembered I had to do the first time), I got it to install and created the database that it needed. By the time I go this far it was around 5:30PM, and I wanted out of the office. LOL.

So I packed my laptop up, grabed a few other things, and got out of the office. I figured I would do some hacking tonight to get the database merged / copyed into and working with the CMS. I also figure there would be errors and problems that I would have to deal with and find answers too.

So on my way to the place I am houseiting for, my mommy called me and said we are going to dinner here, do you want to come? I said sure, told them my order incase the beat me (they were on a major time crunch). So I got upto the house, let the dog out, and did all that crap and started to watch a little TV. Well, I totaly forgot what time my mom called me at and also lost tract of time.

Next thing I know my mom is calling me, asking me if I was almost there yet? Well, turns out, not only had they beat me there, but they had ordered and my beer was waiting for me on the table. Crap I said, I was running out of the house. So lucky for me, the place was only a few blocks from where I am housesitting.

Dinner was good. I ended up having 4, yes count them 4, fish tacos (my mom could not finish one), + beens and rice. So I left the place a tad before 7pm, and came back home. So I got my work laptop out and started to hack away. The first problem that I ran into was that when the CMS installed, it did not install right and something was really screwed up. So I had to back that all out, figure out the problem and then reinstall. That was fun.

Anyway, once I got that problem solved, I next had the task of getting the saved copy of the database working. So lucky for me MySQL keeps all the databases in different directorys, with each table in that database being a file. So that was nice. So I thought a simple copy & past and bamn I would be back at it.

Wrong. Well, I should say it worked, but only to a point. All the data was there, and in the tables, and you could see it. The only, but rather major problem was that I could not log into the Admin Console. I first thought it was I forgot the username / password. So I figured I would just go in to the database, and look that crap up and/or change it. Well go figure, but it's not that easy.

I was able to look up the username, but the password was encrypeted, so no such luck just looking at it, or changing it. So I started to think of ways I could get around this. I looked at the source code to see if I could find where / what it was using to encrypt it. No such luck. So for a quick moment in time I thought all this hardwork might have been for nothing.

Then I had a quick, but great thought. Do a side by side install, with new / working admin password then export that to the install I want. So I finaly got that going after some fun fun times. So, I found the data I needed to export and did that. Then I copied that into the database I needed, and it worked. I was so happy that I was able to get that working.

So I spent the next bit of time cleaning things up. Then I did an upgrade of the database to the current verison of the CMS. All in all I finaly stopped around 10pm as I had enough pain and suffering for the night. LOL.

So then a little TV and now here I am getting ready for bed.
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