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Snow. It Snowed!

So you know you are going to get some snow when a friend from Phoenix texts you to say that it is snowing in the Phoenix metro area. I mean, this is the city that was dealing with 143 days without rain. So I went to bed thinking that I would wake up to a light dusting of snow.

Boy was I surpised when I finaly got out of bed and looked out to see what had to be 2" of snow on my car. According to the Albuquerque Journal (our local paper), "About an inch of snow fell in the valleys, and up to four inches covered the Northeast foothills." Also according to the Journal, "Between November and February, Albuquerque received 0.14 on an inch of precipitation, shattering the record of 0.30 on an inch in the winter of 1903-04." I knew we had gotten almost nothing during that time, but to see it in writing is really just mind blowing. So really, anything wet we can get, I will take. I mean, I guess I should not bitch too loud, being that we got the most snow I have ever seen last year. There were at least 2, maybe 3 days were I could not get to UNM before classes started due to weather. Also, we did close down our office early one day, and then the whole next day due to a snow storm.

Anyway, to document the snow, I did take some pictures using my phone. Granted they are not the best, but I did not think to grab my digial cam before leaving the house this morning. O well.


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