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Family Spam....

So I was checking e-mail via my phone today (yes I am a nerd, does it show?), anyway, when I saw a subject that said "enos". Now I guess I should say that when I check e-mail on my phone, the only thing I see is the subject the subject of the message until I click on the message it's self. Also I should tell you all that Eno is my mom’s maiden name.

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So I opened the message thinking it was something from the Eno's up in Wichita or maybe something from my grandma or who knows what. But, it really turned out to be bloody spam. Yep Spam. I must say these spammers are getting really good, that or my family is getting into the spam biz, which I think not. LOL. Anyway, that just made me laugh, so I thought I would share with the group.
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