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So I saw my doctor today and well, its going to be a long road to full recovery. Wait, I knew that. LOL Anyway, one of the things she wants me to do, is use a whirlpool to help my ankle. So my parents have this attachment thing that clamps onto the bathtub, and basically turns the bathtub into a whirlpool. Well so after my Doctor's appt I went over to my parent’s house to wait for them all to get home.

So I tell them what I need, and they find it hiding in the hall closet. So they load it into the back of my car, and we go to dinner. After dinner we all head up to my apartment where my dad helps get it ready. Then after that they leave. Well, I watch a little tv and around 9pm, I finally decided that I want to hop into the tub and use this thing.

So I get everything setup positioned and get the tub filled to where it needs to be. I put on a cd so that I can listen to music during this time. Anyway, so I set the timer on this thing and notice that its really drawing a lot of juice as it dimmed the lights, but I do not give it a second thought. Anyway, so I really quickly hop in the tub and its not doing anything. It’s making noise, so I figure maybe it takes a few seconds to get going.

Well a few more seconds pass, and then all of a sudden I notice that it’s smoking. So I am like shit, shit, shit. So I quickly dry my hand, turn the timer off, then kill the power at the wall. Basicly the motor frozee and stoped working. Which explained the rather large power draw. I am also surprised it did not pop the breaker or the GFCI.

So ya, now its sitting outside on my patio cus my apartment now smells like burnt electric motor, which is not a happy smell.

So, I said above that I did see my Doctor today. She told me a few things that I already figured and knew. She told me this was a class 3 sprain, which is a really really really bad sprain, which I figured. Also, she said it will prob take a full month for the swelling to go away. Also it will take that much time, or more to completely get better. So ya. Also she had me try and walk on it, to which she stopped me right away when she realized that I could not do it yet.

She did give me some handouts on things I can do to strengthen my ankle, which I plan to do. Also she wants to see me again in a few weeks to check on my healing process. It also make me glad to know that I am not over reacting in that I have not put full weight on my foot yet. I have had pressure from lots of different people to put weight on it, and I have not been up to it, as I do not want to make anything worse.

Anyway, that is really all for now. It’s going to be a long road to recovery, which bloody blows, but what can I do about it. I will just have to deal with it for now. Also its nice that I have my Dr. Appt in 2 weeks, so that way if I need it, I can get a note from her to extend my UNM parking permit.

Take care everyone.


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Mar. 7th, 2006 06:50 am (UTC)
Your ankle
Sorry to hear you will have so much longer to "heal", but glad you have seen your doctor and are aware of what you can and cannot do, etc. You were lucky not to have more of a problem with that bathtub whirlpool!!! Glad you were able to get it shut off.....Take it easy, knowing you it is hard to "slow down", but it is obviously necessary and no point in "spinning your wheels".....Hope before long the pain will be less severe and you will be able to put weight on your foot. Give me a holler if I can be of help to you. Take care, keeping you in my prayers as you heal. Hugs, Grandma PS Is there a place at UNM where you can use a whirlpool? Or, can your doctor "prescribe" someplace where you can use a whirlpool? .......Surely there is something they can do for you......
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