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Picture Post - My Trip To The ER...

(I am sorry if words are missspeled or if I do not make sense, read on to find out why)

So, this has just not been my day at all. Starting it all off early this morning with the stupid people upstairs who would not shut there damn music off, and I eneded up calling secuirty twice on them.

So really the rest of the day up until 4:30pm was not that bad, but around 4:30pm it all just went down hill from there. So after Church Pastor Erik, Kelly, The Girls, and Cory & Rachel we all went to Evergreen for lunch, which was really nice. We all had fun eating and what not. Anyway, after lunch I went back to Kelly & Erik's house to kill an hour before we went Ice Skating at Outpost for our church wide event.

So we got to Outpost right around 3:15, which is when the free skating started. I paid and got my skates and got on the ice. Now I was not crap at it only since I went the week before with Kelly & Erik (who went with the Girl Scouts). So I was having lots of fun, and at some points had worked up some good speed with out crashing. Also I should say that I was not falling and only fell once last week.

sprintpcs_iCFGZ.jpgWell, I only fell once this week, but that is all it took this time for me to fuck my self up, and I mean good! When I fell my right leg went out in front of me but my left leg came back under me. After that I was in pain and knew I was done for the day. So I was trying to get up, but had no luck. So one of the other member of my church came skating over to me and started to help me up. Well, I put too much weight on my right ankle, and well the picture at the left should show it all. Also that picture really does not do it any justice as it looked much worse in person.

So I was almost crying at this point, but really the pain was not that bad. I knew my ankle was not suppost to do what it did. I also knew that it should not feel like it did, but as I have never done anything major to my body, I had no clue what the pain should have been like. So I somehow get over to the bench area and lay down. So I see Hanna, Erik's girl, and tell her to go get her father. She was like "Why?", and cus I am in pain, I am like "Hanna, just get him Please!". So finaly she goes and gets him and he comes over. So he asks what is wrong, and I tell him what I did. So he looks at my ankle and says basicly says well there is no blood or bones sticking out, so it cant be that bad. So I stay on the bench whall he goes and skates for the last 10 mins or so. Well, bascily by the end of the free skate, I know that a trip to urgent care is going to be in my future.

So Erik asks me if I think I can walk, or if they are going to have to find some way to get my fat butt out the door. I tell him I can prob walk, but it all depends on how much screaming he wants to hear. He and I both laugh a bit, and then I try and stand up. Well I stand up with all most all the weight on my left leg, and that hurts, but not as bad as it would have been had it been my right ankle. So I get up to the lobby where Erik goes and gets his car. Erik, His Girls, and I get into his car and we head back for his house after grabbing a few things from my car like my keys and cell phone.

On the way to his house I called my parents to tell them that they need to meet me at urgent care, and what I did to my self. So we drop the girls off at his house, and we leave for urgent care. Well, we get to urgent care only to find they closed at 5pm, and its now 5:30pm. So I call my parents to tell them that they need to meet me at the ER down at Presbyterian Hospital downtown as the urgent care was closed. So Erik & I get down to Press, and well they are working on the building again! So the whole ER parking / ambluance drop off is all screwed up. So Erik was going to go park down at the end of this row, far far from the door and have them get a wheelchar and bring me in. But just as we are turnning around at the dead end of right where the ER door is, and this person pulls out of the parking spot.

So Erik goes in to get a wheelchair, and comes out with two other people. By this time it's bascily 6pm So we get me all loaded up in the chair, and then I notice that we are going in the ambulace door, so I am not sure what Erik said to them, but I did not have to wait in chairs, and I know there were lots of people waiting in the chair area too. As I am getting checked in, my parents show up and send Erik home to be with his family. So we go back to a room, with me still in the chair and they tell me they need me to hop up on this table and put a robe on. So my mommy helps me remove clothing and get that damn robe on.

So I then tell her that I need to use the restroom too, and she starts looking for bedpan type stuff. Now I know I was hurt, but there was no way I was going to use a fucking bed pan. I was much more able body then that, and really did not hurt my ego more then I had already. So I tell her no to the bed pan idea and can she go ask the nurse if its ok for me to go use the restroom? So turns out they needed the room I was in, cus the table was made for women, and they needed to use that table. So, on the way to my new room, they said I could use the restroom. So I wheel my self in to the restroom, use the ADA grip bars, and use the restroom. I wash my hands and wheel my self back out into the hall way, and then we goto my room.

So I am in the room for a few min when a nurse or DR. or someone comes in and asks me a few questions, signs the orders for the x-rays and then also says that they will get me some pain meds and ice. At this point they also tell me that after the X-rays it will be about an hour before they get the resuluts. So I am cool with everything cus really I was not in that much pain, and knew that I would not be fealing it much longer anyway. So about 10 to 20 mins later they take me off to X-ray. They take the x-ray's and the tech comes back into the x-ray room and says, well you did not break it, but you have one monster sprain, but you did not hear that from me. LOL.

So I hang around x-ray for a few mins waiting to have someone take me back to the ER area. I also do not know what it is, if its all the radation or what, but the people in the x-ray area have a great sense of humor, and I was laughing hard at some of the things they were talking about. So I figure I now have an hour to kill, but I do not sweat it, as things have been going really fast and I have not had to wait that long. So finaly someone comes to take me back to my room in the ER, and so back to the room we go. Anyway I was not back in my room for 10 mins, when the Dr came back in and told me that I had not broken it. So I was happy but also not. In the short term a sprain will be better for me recovery time wise, but also poses more issues. Where as a break would have taken more time to heal, but would not have the long term effects. O well, such is life.

sprintpcs_UTJzU.jpgSo they give me a prescription for Oxycodone AKA Percocet AKA good pain killers, but I really do not know how much I will / can use them. As I can not drive with them cus it is DUI if I do, and I do not feel like having a DUI on my record. Also, I have school and work that I have to deal with time wise, so I might have to just stick to normal pain killers. Also they put me in an aircast and crutches, which is a lot of fun might I add, but I have picked up walking with the crutches quite well. So right now I have an excused notice for school and work on Monday so I can rest, which I freaking need right now. Also, I am going to call Parking and Trasportation at UNM in the morning to see what it would take to get any type of handcap permit for a few weeks, as I really do not want to have to walk all accross campus in crutches. If I have to, I will, but its not on my top 100 list.

So after that she gave me my walking papers and we were out of there at 7:45pm. Also I think that 1.75 hours from the time I got to the ER to the time we left is not bad, and I think it was my father, maybe mother that said "I think this is the quickest we have gotten in and out of here", to which I do agree! So after we leave the Hospital, we go drop my prescription at Walgreens and then goto Chilies for dinner.

After dinner we picked up my prescription from walgreens and then my parents took me home. They got me settled here at my apartment before going upto Outpost to pickup my car and bring it back to me. So now here I am, listing to music as I type this post, getting ready for bed, which should be fun. I am not quite sure how I am going to do this, cus I love to flop around in bed, but I guess I am going to tell my self that I once I get in a postition I am going to stay there, cus other wise I am going to wake up each time I move my foot. O well. Such is life I guess.

So that is all for now. Time to e-mail my profs and tell them why I will not be in class in the morning.
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