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What in the hell are they doing up there....

Well I just had to do something that I have never done in the 2.5 years of living in my apartment complex, and that was call our security company.

The guy(s) who live above me were being way tooo loud, and it was 12:45am. It sounded like the world was comming to and end above me. And by world comming to an end, I mean loud as hell music, loud stomping and my guess would be jumping, and other things.

So they started around I would guess 12 or 12:15am, so I let it go for a bit, figuring they would calm down or goto bed or what ever. Well they did not, and around 12:35 I was starting to get pissed off, and at 12:40 I was cussing my self cus I could not find the number for security for our complex.

Well I started to go thru my file I have for my apartment, not sure what I looking for, and lone behold, there it was, the number to security. So I called securitys dispatch at 12:45am and reported them. So just now at 1am security show up and they have now shut off the very loud music. I must say that 15 min response time is great. It's much better then APD's (Albuquerque Police Department) resposne time would have been if I had to call them. It would have been 3 am before they would have showed up knowing my luck and the fact that it's a Saturday night / Sunday morning.

Part of me is waiting / expecting it the loud music to return, but I hope it does not cus past bedtime for Kevin.
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