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Funny Comics....

Image hosting by PhotobucketSo reading the news paper today (yes I read) but anyway, I was looking at the comics section (yes I read more then just the comics), and came across two that I just loved, so here they are.

The one to the right is a comic called Bizarro, and I just laughed when I saw this. this is something that I thought would be fun as all hell to do, and yes if the commissioner ever did get drunk, this is what I think he would do! Also I think that this is something that almost any kid would love to do and hell I would still love to do. My only questions is how many zoning law do they break each time they have to use the bat call thing? LOL. Anyway, moving on to the next one.

The second one is Fox Trot, and really Fox Trot is good all the time. But this one just made me crackup laughing. Most of Fox Trot is nerd / geek based material, so I find it has lots of humor in general, but everyone and then they really just strike gold. This one I find very funny, not cus this is something my dad would do, but just more what I have seen people do in the past. You name it, I have seen it, and then some.

Image hosting by Photobucket

So I hope you all enjoyed my humor for the day, cus with the week I have had, I needed it!
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