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Data Recovery and Getho Hard Drive Cooler!

The above image is a data recovery program that I am running on the bad disk right now. This is the same program that I had running last night. But thank you Microsoft and Windows's stupid default Power Settings, my computer entered "Standby mode" not more then 30 min after me leaving the office! So, when I got in the office today at 2pm, my computer was in the "Standby Mode", which basicly means, its off, but not really.

So I was like great, just great! Anyway, so turned the computer back on, and sure as crap it droped all the USB devices and rediscovered them. So from there the software did not know the drive even was connected. So I had to restart the software, loosing any progress made by trying to run it last night. Now do not let this picture fool you, data recovery is about as fun as watching paint dry, and takes longer. LOL. Just cus the software says only 26 min left does not mean that is how long its going to take. Well, I guess if my drive did not have as many error as it does, then it might only take that long. But since my drives has a lot of errors, its going to take 20 to 30 hours, maybe longer. So its been running for 3 hours, and just now reached 10% finished. So ya, only another 25 hours or so if my math is right? LOL

sprintpcs_kXydr.jpgSo I know this hard disks run hot, and even more so the laptop hard disks which this is, but being that heat could be a problem, I got a small fan, and have it blowing on the disk, which is keeping it cool to the touch. The photo below show the big fan and the little drive! LOL. This is Getho Cooling we got going here. LOL. But hey, if it gets the job done then I am all for it.

So that is whats new for right now. I know lots of progress that I have made, right? But right now I am just trying to recover data, and will finish up reinstalling programs and such prob this weekend. If I remember right, my moto is "Never Give Up, & Never Leave A File Behind". LOL. Well I think that is all for now.
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