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They Call It Stormy Monday, But Tuesday Is Just As Bad...

So there is a song by Lou Rawls called "Stormy Monday", and song starts out with the lyrics "They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday is just as bad", which I think is a good way to define today. I was also thinking of titling this post "I know its Tuesday, but really I think Monday was just a day late.", but really like the Lou Rawls lyric better. Really the day started out great, but then just took a crap dive from there, which is just like any other day right?

As I said above, the day started out good. I was only 3 min late getting out of my apartment this morning, and traffic was really light this morning, and traffic all moved about 65mph, so that was a good thing. School was good, in my Arch 104 Studio we built study models so that was fun, and a nice change of pace from all the drawing we have been doing. When I got out of class, I walked back across campus to where I park, got in my car and went to the bank. My sister needed me to deposit a check for her, and I had a check of my own to deposit too.

So all of that went fine and dandy. I stopped and picked up lunch on my way into the office, getting in around 2pm. I checked my box downstairs in the main office before heading upto my office. I punched in my code to open my door and the first thing I saw was the computer screen. I should tell you all that I leave my computer at work on all the time, that way if I need to get access to my computer via the VPN, I can do so with no problem. Anyway, I noticed it did not look right. It looked like it was trying to start windows, but the status bar was way too high. Then I see it, an error message. The error message said, "Windows 2000 could not start beacuse the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM". Bascily that error messages means your Registry is fucked!. As soon as I finish reading that, I say "o fuck", and think not today.

Now this means that anything & everything that I had planned on getting done today is on hold until I fix this peice of crap computer. Now I tried a few things frist, like turnning it off and on, but kept getting the same error. So finaly I gave up and went and grabed the Windows 2000 CD. But, instead of just formating and reloading right away, I tried using the Automated Recovery System or ARS, but that was a no go, beacuse it wanted the Windows Restore disk, and I have no clue if one was ever made for this computer or where it might be if it was. So next I tried letting windows detect my instalation of 2000, but it could not do that. So from there, I started the "Recovery Console" tool on the Windows 2000 setup cd. Really, all the "Recovery Console" is, is a very striped down version of DOS, with limited commands. The first time I tired this, it would not let me into the WINNT directory, it just kept saying "Access Denyed", and I was like "Great!". So I gave it a second shot, and it asked me which install of windows it wanted to access. So I selected the only install of Windows on the computer and it let me in.

So I tried a few things in the "Recovery Console", but kept getting some fun errors, so thinking it might be the harddisk, I decided to reboot, and use Dell's Diag tools to check stuff. Sure as shit, I got an error when it tried to do a test of the harddisk. So they it tried to load the full set of Dell's tools, and I got an NTLDR error, which is strike two for the disk. Anyway, I rebooted back into the "Recovery Console", and started a CHKDSK, otherwise known as "Check Disk". Well I first did it with out any switches, and it came back fine. But after doing some research on the Internet, Microsoft suggested I run it with a /r, so I did. Bascily that forces it to run a surface scan of the disk.

Now it got through the first 1/4 of the disk fine, but has now been stuck at 28% for about 30 min, so I think that makes strike 3 for the disk. So now its time to call my rep at Compusa, and say I need a new harddisk and an encloure for the old one. Fun Fun Fun.

So now what I thought was going to be a short day at work, and a nice relaxing evening at home is going to be spend beeting the computer into submision. So ya, I will be here all night, prob until 10 or 11pm getting this peice of shit to work and getting all my files and what not restored. So ya, lots and lots of fun.
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