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Sometime this town....

So I know that I probably talk about traffic and roads and stuff in my journal so much that you all are about ready to barf, but it is what I want to do my life as a Community & Regional Planning Major. So if I go on and on about roads, planning, and traffic, I am sorry, but I really love this stuff. Anyway, Albuquerque really gets me some days of the week with there lack of planning and how they put major projects off that are needed very bad.

So tonight I was just farting around using Google maps, cus yes I am a nerd like that. Anyway, somehow I started to look Wichita Falls, Tx and started to look at their freeway / interstate system and thought they really had a lot of freeways / interstates for the size of town, so I googled Wichita Falls Population, and found out that back in 2000, they had a population of 104,197.

Now they have a lot more freeways / interstates then we do here in Albuquerque, and they around 1/4th the population we do, based on 448,607 from the year 2000. Also they have planned much better for where there freeways are going to go then Albuquerque could ever have.

This pisses me off for many reasons, but the biggest reason that it pisses me off, is that we have so many traffic problems in Albuquerque. Our rush-hour is a total pain in the ass. We have much more traffic then anything in our town can handle, and they seem to not even care about this. We have freeways that are only half complete, so they still have traffic lights where they connect into the interstate and other places.

I have bitched about this before, so I will not go much into it. But it really just gets to me, and really makes me mad. Granted, I know that Albuquerque did not have a planning dept until 1975, scary right? LOL. But I almost think the city did better before it had a planning department then it does now. This also might be due to the fact that Albuquerque does not play well with others. In Denver metro area, they have over 75 different cities / governments to work with. Do they fight each other and try to out do each other, no they work together. Here in the Albuquerque metro area, we have about 15 different cities / governments to work with, and do we all play nice? HELL NO! We all fight each other, sue each other, and try to out do each other.

I think if we all just worked together for the better good, we would have a much stronger metro area, and would not have the issues that we have. Also, look at Phoenix, a metro area of about 3 million people strong according to The 2000 Census. I have been there, and seen first hand that they still have traffic problems during rush-hour, but they are also working on correcting this. Again, they work well with the other cities and governments, and work together to get things done, and as a result, they are finishing up improvements to freeways / interstates in the area, and building there loop freeway. There rate of progress in the past 3 to 5 years, just amazes me. If Albuquerque could do what they have done, our traffic problems would be a thing of the past.

Anyway, I think that I have bitched about this enough for now, and I will shut up. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and anything else.

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