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A week in repeat?

Man o man this week is turning out to be a repeat of last week, only that I have more school junk due.

On Monday I had tests in both my Sociology & ny Math classes. I think I did well on both tests, but as I have said in the past, how I feel about a test does not mean jack! Then on Tuesday I had a quiz in my CRP (Community & Regional Planning) class which I felt good on since it was open book.

But the big thing I had due on Tuesday was the pin-up of my mechanical drawing for review in my Architecture Drawing Studio. Now any free time that I could have even thought of having in the past week has been spent on this bloody thing. Not only have we spent like the past 2 weeks in class working on this sucker, I have also spent about 10 to 15 hours working on this sucker outside of class. Now Tuesday's deadline was only for review and the final thing is not due untill Thursday for grading.

Now I was going to spend last night woeking on it again, but I final left the office at 7pm (good gosh, it is a repeat of last week), got home cooked, ate, and cleaned up from dinner. Well I was sitting on my couch and started to dose off, so I decided to just put it off working on it until today / tonight since I figured I was way too tired to back down to my office to work on my homework. (I have been working on my homework in the office since we have a really large drafting table that I can use and keep my stuff on with out having to pull it down each time).

So my original plan was to get up early this morning and get into the office sometime between 6 or 7am to work on the homework. Well, lets just say that did not happen. LOL. So now I figure that I will work a few hours this afternoon, and then around 3pm, tell my boss that I am off the clock and will be working on my homework and that if they need me, I will be in the old controls dept area (which is where the drafting table is).

Eather way I will get it done and really I do not have that much left to do, and I can work on it tonight during homework tonight if I need the extra time. All I have to do is darken / put line weights onto my drawing, and redo my tonal drawing. All in all, not that bad but still it can be a lot if I do not watch it.

I am thinking that Friday night I am going to be treating my self to a really fancy dinner and a movie since these last two weeks have been from hell, or something close. I only worked 37.5 hours last week, and that does not even inclued homework, meetings, or class & like I said this week is not looking much better.

On another note getting up for my 8 and 9am classes is kicking my ass. I have not been this tired in such a long time, and if this how I was during high school, then damn how did I ever make it through? Also for all you people who are in high school and start class at 7:40am I do not want to hear it, cus it is much different when in college you can set your own schedule and most of your classes start at 10am. Plus I have to commute through rush hour, which in this town can take 30 to 45 minutes just to go 7 or 8 miles, (you think we have traffic issues?) LOL.

Ok now I am just bitching beacuse I am very tired and have not gotten enough sleep in the past two weeks so I think I will stop now. Also I apologies if there are a lot spelling mistakes as I am writting this via my PDA during some downtime I have between classes, and using this little keyboard is not the best.
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