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The Alameda (NM-528) & Corrales Road (NM-448) inters

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The Alameda (NM-528) & Corrales Road (NM-448) intersection has largely
remained unchanged for the last ~25/30 years since Alameda was widened to 4
lanes. . This intersection is a major bottleneck in both morning and
evening rush hour! I don’t understand how NMDOT, Bernalillo County, and The
City of Albuquerque haven’t done more to improve this intersection over the
years. . There are plenty of small & medium sized improvements that could
be made (in my humble opinion) and given the importance of this
intersection for rush hour commuters, I don’t understand why they haven’t
been made it yet (and frankly I haven’t even heard of any agency planning
for these yet). . My first improvement would be to lengthen the left-turn
lanes. In most cases there’s space to do so & frankly this would be a cheap
way to increase capacity as people wishing to turn wouldn’t be blocking
straight lanes trying to get into the turn bays. . Second, I would lengthen
the Westbound Alameda to Northbound Corrales Rd right turn lane for the
same reasons I give above for lengthening the left hand turn bays. . That’s
it for my small improvements that wouldn’t cost much or cause major
disruption to achieve. . On the bigger improvements, I would add a 3rd
straight lane on Westbound Alameda starting at Rio Grande Blvd and going to
Ellison NW. At Ellison, that 3rd lane would become part of an dual
left-turn bay. I believe there is enough space on the Alameda bridge over
the Rio Grande that no widening of the bridge would be needed. . In my
long-term planning for the Alameda corridor (Rio Rancho to I-25), would be
looking at converting the right-hand shoulders / bike lanes to 3+ HOV / Bus
Lanes during the morning and evening rush hours. Some consideration could
even be given to making them HOT (High Occupancy Toll) lanes depending on
their utilization. Although tolling brings up a whole other topic as New
Mexico currency has ZERO HOV or Tolling facilities (for what reasons, I
can’t explain other then NM sometimes lives years in the past compared to
other states.

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(@claystorm) on Oct 10, 2020 at 1:21pm PDT
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