Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

THIS! As a gay man, one million times this! If ACB g

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THIS! As a gay man, one million times this! If ACB gets confirmed and/or
tRump gets re-elected, I’ll really have to consider if the United States in
a country I would want to / could actually live in. . While I’ve always
wanted to move to Canada (just something about it I like) even before Trump
got elected, to have BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS as a gay man, I might have to leave
this country. . For a country that’s been billed / built on the phrase
“Land of the free...”, that’s really fucked up that I actually have to be
worried about this scenario coming to fruition! . I have family and friends
who call themselves allies to the LGBT, but continue to support Trump
and/or his nominee. I don’t understand how you can separate the two in good
conscious. Especially those of you who call yourselves “Christian”. The man
has proven himself and if you claim the values you claim, then I don’t
understand how you can support him in good conscience!

A post shared by Kevin
(@claystorm) on Sep 26, 2020 at 5:34pm PDT
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