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Contact info for my new job.

Ok, so I have finished with my first week of work at my new job, and realised, it's going to be harder, but I also realsied tonight, that I feel much more acomplished. I feel better about my self, and feel like I hold my self higher then I did, cus I have a job that means something. I have a really really cool boss who cares. I have really fun co-workers. I have an office. I have more freedom, and I'm doing something.

Ok, so I know that makes no since, but I dont care. I do miss my old job, how easy I had it, my old co-workers, and yes, I do miss my old boss, but I'm also glad I dont work for him any more. It means that I don't have to answer the phone when he calls (which he still does), and I dont have to call him back (which I still do). But, whats better, is he is not my boss.

So, now to what the subject of this post is all about. Contact info for my new job. Here it is.

Kevin Stuart Murray
Systems Administrator
CAC Inc.

Office: (505) 343-6100, EXT 309
Fax: (505) 343-0114
Toll Free: (800) 366-8242

610 Industrial Ave NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico

kevinm at

So, that is my contact info. I did the email address like I did to try and keep the level of spam low (I HOPE). Well, thats all for now, as its almost 8pm, and I have not had dinner yet, and I really dont want to cook, but I dont want to go out, DAMN IT!.

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