Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Got a 2-for-1 on Albuquerque Restaurant News: First,

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Got a 2-for-1 on Albuquerque Restaurant News: First, it looks like
something called “Rudy’s Honky Tonk / Sports Bar & Grill” is set to
takeover the old Zio’s Italian Kitchen location on the perimeter of
Cottonwood Mall. . But also, it looks like Zio’s has made an interesting
entrance back into the Albuquerque market. I say interesting, cus Zio’s
seems to be sharing a kitchen with Furr’s Fresh Buffet, allowing Zio’s to
do ToGo / orders out of the San Mateo Furr’s location. This appears to be
via a company called “ToGo Kitchens” of which I can find no information. .
Further interesting is that Zios & Furr’s used to (maybe still does) share
a parent company of Food Management Partners. Except it looks like FMP is
no more (there was a whole fraud lawsuit & their website says they don’t
exist anymore). So I don’t know if all of FMP’s subsidiaries have banded
together or what, it’s really hard to tell (and was an interesting rabbit
hole to go down).

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(@claystorm) on Aug 24, 2020 at 12:48pm PDT
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