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Running just to catch my self...

There is a song by Mark Schultz called "Running Just To Catch My Self" which is a really funny song that I not love, but I have used for devotions before too.

So Kristen texted me in the middle of class yesterdy asking if I could do devotions for our ALYM (Albuquerque Lutheran Youth Ministry) meeting tht we had last night. I texted back that it was no problem and asked if she could call me later that afternoon just to remind me. She texted back, no problem.

At the time I did not know what I was going to do but I figured I could pull something out of my butt, but little did I know that my day was going to be my basis for devotions that night.

So when I got out of my class at 12:15, I took off for Corrales to vote in the APS bond election. I must say that I still voted even when I had to drive 40+ miles just to vote. On my way down to Corrales to vote I called the office to let them know I would we later since I needed to vote. It was then that Linda told me that the UPS I put in to replace her old one also failed. So I told her that on the the way back to the office I would pick a new one up.

So I voted with no problems and take off to get some lunch. I wolfed down some chick-fa-lay before heading back to the other side of town to pick up a new UPS from CompUSA.

I get to CompUSA around 1:30 or so and start to look around at there offering of UPS's and do not see the one I want and the one I thought they had in stock. So I walk over to one of the computers they have for public use to look at stuff and find the item I want and wite the info down that I need, and use the website to check inventory status and see that they do in fact have it in stock.

So I walk over to the business sales desk and Walter my rep comes up to help me. I give him the item number of the item I want and that I could not find it on display. So he goes off and searches for it and brings back what he thinks is it, but its not. So finaly he finds it hidden in some dark corner. So I shove it on the company account and blow out of there to get back to the office.

By now its 2:30 and I am just starting my short trip to the office from CompUSA when Bob, one of our VP's, calls me to tell me that his palm just took a shit dive. So I tell him I am on my way back to the office and will deal with it when I get back.

I get back to the office, install Linda's UPS and go see Bob. So this is the second or third time in a week period where his palm has screwed up and I just make the decision that we are going to replace it and be done with it. So using the CompUSA website I find a good match for Bob and check inventory and lucky for me they have them in stock. So I now Bob is the same VP that lives out in the east mt, and to setup his new palm I have to go out there to install the software not only on his work laptop but on his desktop he has at home beacuse he uses both with the palm. So I tell Bob that I will pick up the item on my way out to his house. As I get ready to leave the office I remember that I have devotionals for that evening and remember that I hve one that I used for council about six months ago on my computer at work. So I print what I needand am glad that I have that all ready to go.

Before I leave for CompUSA I call Walter my rep, and tell him the item that I need and that its going on our account. He says that he will pull it and get it all ready to go for me. Its now a little past 4pm and I am fighting rush hour traffic to get to CompUSA which is fun. I pick the item up and get on the road around 4:30pm and take off for Bob's house. 30 miles later I get there and get to work and get everything done that I have too and get Bob up and going.

I leave Bob's house around 6:15pm and take back off for town. I roll back into Albuquerque around 6:45 and stop by my apartment to drop something off and pick up something else. I then run by McD to pick up something for dinner and run to my ALYM meeting which started at 7pm. I walk in the door right at 7 and start up the copier and get what I need for devotions ready whall the copier is warming up.

So I sit down in a chair and once we are all ready, I start the CD player and play for the group Mark Schultz's song "Running Just To Catch Myself" as I sit there catching my self from the day.

Sitting there as the song was playing was the first time all day that I had been able to just sit there and do nothing but rest. Its funny really that the devotion that was on my computer at work was the one I wrote using that song. It really fit perfect for the day I had where I felt that all I was doing all day was running just to catch my self.

The group really liked the devotion and all thought it fit life perfect.
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