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AMD Fourms Infected With Virus...

So I subscribe to a weblog from a company called F-Secure. F-Secure is a computer security company that makes firewalls, anti-virus and other computer security related products. Well they also have a weblog they keep up to date with different things about computer security and virus and what not.

Anyway, this morning they had a post about AMD's forum ( and how they were infected with the WMF exploit. Well, being that this was found very very early this morning, and they let the right people at AMD know about this, I wanted to see if it was fixed (also I knowing that I installed the WMF patch, and I have up-to-date anti-virus software, I loaded the site and it was fixed. So I looked around the forums for a little bit and saw a post from the admin's announcing the AMD's Developer Forums, and thought it would be cool to read some of there stuff. So, I clicked the link (which I am not going to post here), and all of a sudden the WMF exploit was trying to be sent to me and my anti-virus software popped up giving me warnings. So, I deleted the files it said were problem, and then tried to find a contact for the AMD webmaster.

After finding no contact, I then decided that F-Secure would prob want to know about this, so I headed back over to F-Secures site and looked around and looked at there blog, but saw no place for comments or anything. So I figured I would do the next best thing, and send them a virus report. Really sending them a virus report was not the most correct thing as this is not a new virus or anything, but I figured it was the best way to let someone know who has better contact with in AMD then I do. So, here is the text from the report that I sent them.
This is not a true virus sample, but an update to your weblog post about AMD. It looks as if they cleaned there main forum of the WMF problem, but I noticed that their Dev Forum is also and still infected. As I could not find a contact for AMD's webmaster, I figured you guys would want to know about this. You can check it out at, which was infected as of (17:40 MST @ 1/30/06). I am sorry if you and/or AMD know about this, but I figured it was worth brining to your attention.

In some ways I feel very proud of my self that I found that after it was suppose to be fixed. (I mean, if it was my site, and found that one of my forums was infected, I would sure as hell check the rest of them to make sure they were all clean). So anyway I hope they get that fixed, but more so I hope people run Microsoft Update, as that along with a good anti-virus program are the best way to keep your computer secure from virus and other crap.

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