Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Had to goto @BosqueBrewingCO’s #BosqueNorth

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Had to goto @BosqueBrewingCO’s #BosqueNorth location to pickup a 4-pack of #PickleDownEconomics they were holding onto for me (thanks guys!) and see some of my favorite humans who’ve moved to North over the past year. . When I left, traffic was crap in Bernalillo so I came back through Corrales (grew up in the village and love the slow drive through the village). Decided to make a stop off and enjoy this patio (this actually deserves a better title then patio, but I can think of one right now!). . While I miss living in the village, I can’t afford to live here (housing is 🔥💵), nor would I want that commute if I’m honest. For as small as the metro really is, we have some serious issues. Problem is, we never actually have enough money to get ahead of the issues, so they generally keep being issues.

A post shared by Kevin (@claystorm) on Jul 2, 2020 at 5:34pm PDT

Tags: #bosquenorth, #pickledowneconomics
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