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Wood Pellets used in pellet stoves in short supply

Looking at the ABQJournal webpage today, I saw as story that sparked (bad pun) something in me. It was how there is a very big shortage of of wood pellets that are used in pellet stoves, and how people here in the metro area are lineing up at 5 & 6am to get ahold of them from truck that are scheduled to deliver to the stores.

(Story Here - Subscription to Journal needed)

It strikes me as odd, but very funny, cus supply is not meeting demand and they know it. I also feel sorry for the people who were not able to stock up on pellets, and how hard it must be if that is your only source of heat for your house.

For you east coast people, think of the wood pellets & pellet stoves as the heating oil that you all use to heat your homes, and some of the shortages that have hit in the last couple of years.

Now, being a dork that I truly know I am, I know that there are other forms of heating a house, that does not realy on gas or electric or even wood, but most of these are really costly. So, does this mean that its time to find a new source of heat, or is it just a one year problem?

I know that many companys are now working on building new plants to make the wood pellets, and that next year things might be better, but then again, with the move to sources of heat that produce little to no polution, we may see this for the next 2 or more years.

(As a side note, when I get more time this afternoon, I will post the full-text of the story here. I just do not have time as I am posting this between classes.)

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