Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Picture Post

This picture was found on the back of a stall door in the restroom of the Architecture building here at UNM.

The picture did not come out as good as I had hope for, so I will put in text what it says, which I find funny. This was writen by two differnt people. The first person, wrote the bulk of the text, and the second guy put the stuff that is in the parentheses in, which I will put in bold. When you put it all togther, its really quite funny for Archectecture people.

sprintpcs_39u7I.jpgSIN, KILLS
   - Get to the real issue (Site Design)
   - Look Internally (Lighting)
   - Admit Fault (Blame Contractor)
   - Accept Jesus/His Payment for your fault and then life starts.

(EDIT - 1.24.06 - 23:09:59) To the last one "Accept Jesus/His Payment for your fault and then life starts.", I want to add (Change Order) as my thing. LOL. I just thought of that, but it really really does fit.
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