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I am alive, I think....

I made it back from the Middle School Youth Gathering in once pecice, or so I think. This weekend was a totaly blast, and I had a great time, and I think the youth did too. I guess I will start out with Friday, the tell you all about Saturday and then save the drama that was Sunday for last.

So, Friday Kristen and I get out of ABQ around 11:45am or there abouts. I did beat the bus's from ABQ up there and I know this cus I passed them somewhere outside of Las Vegas, NM. LOL. I was worried about the roads as the night before a snow storm passed thru the area making roads fun. But really I-25 was great, and only under the over-passes Only stopping for gas in Santa Fe & Pueblo we make it up there around 5pm, grabed dinner and get to the hotel.

The kiddos got there not long after, and I took the HCLC kids to get some dinner at the hotel. That was funny in its own right, but thats a whole nother story. So then we grabbed all of there junk and got them settled in there rooms, and went to large group. I got lucky and had a room with another adult who I have known for a while. Jeff is a pastor at a church in the Denver area and I have known him for a while and have really gotten to know him better since I have been helping out at the youth gatherings.

After large group was congegational time, which really we just talked for a few seconds and went on our way to our rooms. So, Jeff had told me earlyer in the evening that he had order a roll-a-way for the room, and I had my cott so that way the kids would get the beds (it just worked better that way). Anyway, so Robert and I got back from cong-time before Jeff and his 2 kids did, so I called the front desk, and gave them a bit of hell about it.

About 10 or 15 min later Jeff shows up and he makes comment about the roll-a-way, and I tell him what I did. Also during the time, I was trying to get my work computer on any network I could find cus I totaly spaced sending out an e-mail that I really really needed to get out. So, finaly I gave up on the network connection in the room, and just went to the lobby, and payed for a 1 day pass and did it out there.

When I got back to the room about 20 min later, the roll-a-way had showed up, and we all started getting ready for bed. With the roll-a-way, and my cot this room was totaly packed and almost hard to move around in. We got to sleep around 11:45 / midnight. Well, around 12:45am I hear a nock on our door. It was only one nock, so I just laid there hoping it was just a youth or someone going around just nocking on doors. Well, no such luck, as about 2 min later, there was another nock at our door. So, now since I was the closest person to the door, and I did not want the youth to open the door, I got out of bed. When I opened the door, there stood one of the hotel staff with a roll-a-way, saying he had our roll-a-way. I laughed and told the poor man that someone had already gotten us one. lol. So, when I got back from the door, Jeff (who got woken up during all of this) ask who it was, and I told him and he laughed too. So back to sleep for all of us.

Well, around 3:30am I woke up to a really werid and strage noise. It sounded like someones alarm clock, but it really was our heater. Jeff, who was sleeping right next to the heater reached over and just shut it off and we all made jokes about it and then fell backto sleep again. I woke up once more around 5:30am when Jeff got up to take his shower. I floped back over until my alarm went off at 6am, so I did not get that much quailty of sleep!

Saturday started early with breakfast at 7am, and large group at 8am. From large groups we went and did some of the works shops with the kids before leaving the hotel around noon to get lunch at one of the area chuches. Then from there we went to our service project which was making coasters from slavaged wood from the Hayman fire. After the service project we took off for the hotel again, to get ready for dinner.

Dinner on Saturday night has been for the last many year, going over to Chili's. So, being the smart person I am, early in the day I got firm numbers and called over there and talked to the manager to give her a heads up that at 4:45pm they were going to get 40 people at once! She told me that they could not give us reservations (which I know), and told her that was not my intention of the call. I told her that the reason why I called her was to give them a heads up so they would be ready, and not cought off gaurd.

4:30 rolls around, we all jump on the bus, and head over to Chili's. We get in the door, and the hostess has this look of fear and panic on her face! It was really quite funny to watch her face as we all walked in the door. So, she chringed and asked how many of us there were, and I replyed 40. To which, I think she almost had a heart attack or something. LOL. But, I told her that they could break us up, and put us anywhere they wanted to so that it would be easy for them.

So, I took / got stuck with Robert from my church and 3 boys from the Las Vegas, NM church. So everyone got figured out what they wanted and we ordered. Our food got there quick considering we just dumped 40+ people in there, and there were more ariving by the second. From my spot at the table, I could see the entry way, and it was a total mess! Not only was it a Saturday, but a lot of people from the youth gathering tried to goto this Chili's. We finished up around 6:30pm, and went back to the hotel.

More large group at 7pm, fallowed by cong-time at 9pm. Then 10pm was the late night activites, which they have a bunch of stuff for the kids to do, and basicly it helps us adults out, as it runs the kids into the group, and makes them want to sleep that night, to which we did, going to be around 1am.

Had better sleep Saturday night, but nothing really to write home about. Sunday morning rolls around and I am ready to pass out when ever I sit down, and I wonder how I am going to made it through not only service, but the drive home. But, a little help from God and caffine I did it. LOL. So, we had all the kids in the ABQ churches pack before large group, so when large group got out, they could just grab there stuff, and head for the bus's.

So, now where is where the fun of the day starts, and when I say fun, I mean fun. I go into worship holding a can of soda (a new one even for me), lol. Everything is going fine until we hit the Prayers Of The Day. As Pastor Beth was saying the prayers, the band was playing lite music in the background to complement the prayers. Then all a sudden we hear panic voices say very loud "We need a doctor", followed by a second of silence, then folowed by someone yelling "Someone call a doctor". Now as an adult leader this is not something you want to hear anytime, let alone in the middle of service.

So, I must give Pastor Beth credit, as with out missing a beet, and as the band was jummping off the stage (and I mean jumping) to help (they were really close to it), Beth kept the room quite, and kept the prayers going which was the best thing to do. So they caried her out of the room, and into the one of the back rooms off the main ballroom. Service continued on as scheduled as the gathering staff dealt with the emegencey.

So about 5 min later I get news that almost makes me feel sick to my stomic, that the girl who had the emergency was in fact one of the kids from one of the local Albuquerque church's. I talk to other other adult leader from my church for a few seconds, and tell her I am going to go over to the part of the ballroom where that church was sitting as we had no clue if they had any adults with there kids. So, I make my way over to that side of the ballroom, and survay things and talk to Gary one of the gathering staff & and head gathering staff's husben who fills in a few details for me. After I am sure that adult wise they are covered I go back to where we are sitting.

We get done with service, and move forward with the schedule as nothing happend. We go grab the kids stuff, and get them on the bus and find out that they trasported her to the hospital. Now the whole time since this all started, in the back of mind, I wondered what we where going to do since everyone, but a few of us rode up on the two busses.

So we make the decision that since we have 3 cars up in the Springs from Albuquerque, the best thing to do was to get the kids on the bus, and get them on the road, and when we knew more on the girls condidtion, we would figure out how we where going to get her back home to Albuqueruqe. We get everyone loaded up, and as the busses are starting to leave, I am talking to Kathy who is not only my God Mother, but also was the head person for the gathering this year about our game plan when we walk back into the building to hear a noise which I know is the fire alarm. We all go great, and keep going about our bussiness until the hotel staff tell us we have to leave the building.

The fire dept shows up, and we get the all clear to go back into the building. So now we are trying to figure out what we are going to do. Basicly we make our game plan to be that Kathy and Gary would stay behind unill the girl and her mom (who was one of the adult leaders for her church) get dischared from the hospital, or until we find out more info. Well the problem becomes how do we do this and still get everyone back to ABQ since Kathy's van only had two seats beacuse of all the stuff she brought up, and the only other cars up there were mine and Christina's both of which are stick, and both of which Kathy can not drive. So then Kathy asks both Christina and I when out first class is on Monday to which we both say 9am, to which she says crud.

Also, we are not able to get any information on her condition as the hospital is not realising any information to us. So finaly Kathy asks if Kristen and I would drive over to the hospital and see if we could find any information out on her condidtion. I agree with out even having to think about it and run to the front desk of the hotel to get directions to the hospital.

With directions in my hot little hand, Kristen and I take off for the hosptial. I find the place with no problems and we go to the front desk. We tell the guy at the front desk her name, and he says she is in the ER, and that he would take us to the ER area. So we walk over there, and give them her name, to which we get good news that they discharged her. One of the local AIM (Associates in Ministry) went over to the hospital when this all happend. So, once we get back to our car, and leave Concreate Hell (AKA the hosptial and parking structure), and get cell phone service back again I notice that I have a new voice message from Kathy.

She was calling to tell us that she had been discharged and for me to call her. I was just about to call her when she class me. I tell her that we just got that news from the hospital too. She then asked me if I wanted to caravan back to to Albuqeurque with them (making it 3 cars), to which I said no cus it would be faster for me to just go back on my own. So Kristen and go grab lunch and then take off on the open road.

So I make the drive back from Colorado Springs in just under 5 hours with stopping for gas 2 times, and lots and lots of restroom breaks as I had lots of liquids that day. But, the trip back was not with out it's own fun. I thought I was about to watch a big rig loose it, which is a really scary thing to watch when you are in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, with limited to no cell coverage!

Somewhere between Raton and Las Vegas, NM I was behind this big rig truck when it started to slowly move off to the sholder of the road. So, I was far enough back, and going fast enough that I could not really tell his speed, so I moved to the left lane as I thought we as pulling off the road for something. Then all of a sudden, the truck jerks back onto the road. So now I am being extra careful of this guy, and keeping my distance from him. So, we go for another mile, when he does it again, but this time, he jerks the truck back on the roadway really hard, and and almost looses total control of his truck, to which I pound my breaks as hard as I can, and I droped my speed faster then I ever have on an interstate.

Now I am only going about 50 or 60 mph and watching this guy like a there is no tomaro. Finaly after about 5 min or so, I have gotten my speed back up, but am keeping a very far distnace behind this guy. Well, there is no one around for miles, and the road is very stright, so I decide I am going to pass this dumb ass! So, I move to the left lane, and punch it, and fly past this guy, and get very far ahead of him.

So, now if that was not enought, we tempted fait again comming back into Albuquerque. Had just gotten back into town, but had not gotten off I-25 yet. I am going past the Alameda onramps when this guys just mergest right next to me, causing me to swirve into the next lane. Then this fucker has the nerve to put his brights on me, to which I give him the bird (something I do not do that offen) as I am getting off the interstate at my exit.

So that is the fun of my weekend. I am sure I will do a better post about the gathering its self with photos and the such, but right now I want sleep.
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