Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

I completely & vehemently DISAGREE with the @ABQJournal

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I completely & vehemently DISAGREE with the @ABQJournal #Editorial department’s article in today’s Journal! The last thing #ABQ needs is a curfew and the National Guard coming in and possibly escalating things. . The actions of a few people do not represent the #BlackLivesMatter protesters! You want to see the real #BLM’s protestors, the ones trying to bring change, justice, and peace? Then look at the 500 to 1000 people who marched last night in the pouring rain! Those are the real people behind BLM in our community! . Those who desecrated downtown do not represent BLM! They are bad actors looking to ensue chaos and destruction in the name of Black Lives Matter! Which is not what the BLM protests are about! . We need leadership that will LISTEN, DEESCALATE, and BRING CHANGE instead of using force to escalate the situation! I believe that @MayorKeller and @GovMLG are trying to do those things and activating the guard will not help anything. Activating the guard will only make things worse! . Trump is A RACIST #WASP who is so out of touch with what people of color have to go through in our society! We do not need the #PresidentOfLawAndOrder! We need a REAL PRESIDENT who can actually bring about change in our country!

A post shared by Kevin (@claystorm) on Jun 2, 2020 at 4:10pm PDT

Tags: #abq, #blacklivesmatter, #blm, #editorial, #presidentoflawandorder, #wasp
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