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I'm Tried, o so Tired.

Thats right fokes, I'm tired, but there is nothing new there.

But what is new is that it has been raining a lot in Albuquerque and the other areas. Work has been work, so there is nothing really new on that front. But on another front, I'm going to be off work for a week starting on Saturday August 7 and going untill Monday August 16. I will be off in Wichita, KS visting some of my great but wacky family that runs in the ENO/MURRAY blood line. I will also be going to a friends wedding in Centerville, IA that is only 6 hours from Wichita.

Tonight I had the fun chance to hang out with the pastors kids. We started the evening at MCD, then headed to the Movies, and saw a Cenderalla Story (Which was not as bad as I thought it was going to be), then over to Cold Stone for some really good Ice Cream. It was then back to there house to discover that the dogs had torn the shit out of some pilliows, and that one of the dogs ("Winston", for thoese of you playing the home game) had run off, and had been picked up by animal control and was spending the night at La Shelter De Albuquerque. Then Erik and Kelly came back from Santa Fe around 11:15 or so, and so I'm now home. So over all, it was a really fun night. Heck, it got me out of the house. Ok fokes, my soical life has hit a new low, I'm now seeing movies with 6 and 9 year olds. But it was fun, so I'm happy.

Well, that is the news from the home front. Since I got home late, I'm going to bed. Talk to you all later.
Peace and Love,
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